Hangout on Air: Online Marketing 101 – Week 1

Digital Marketing Evangelist Avinash Kaushik joins Coco in the first Hangout on Air for our Online Marketing 101 course. If you’re interested in joining the …
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13 Responses to Hangout on Air: Online Marketing 101 – Week 1

  1. Romina Padilla says:

    I missed the live chat, but thanks for providing this video. Where in the United States would you recommend me taking social media courses to prepare me for community manager?

  2. Ania Marchiori says:

    Hi, Thank you! Of course it was helpful! Greetings from #Venice!

  3. E-Nugles TI says:

    Good video, greetings from peru

  4. Abu Sayeed says:

    missed the live class too, downloaded and subscribed

  5. Giovanni Rosso says:

    very interesting location

  6. marouane smaili says:

    Thank you Google ! Looking forward to working With you!

  7. Amin Bangladeshi says:

    Thanks Google, what a great work you’re doing for us! I’m happy.

  8. Ranad Jabari says:

    Ops! the video doesn’t work with me , it’s just keep loading

  9. علي محمد says:

    Thank Google 

  10. learnwithgoogle says:

    You’re welcome :)

  11. learnwithgoogle says:

    Hi there — We suggest you contact our worldwide phone support to discuss your account. You can find the best number to call on the “Contact Us” link on the AdWords Help Center.

  12. Pedro Cachola says:

    Missed the live chat. Thank Google for providing this on Youtube :)

  13. Mohammed Omar Faruque Masud says:

    I can’t attend live with Hangout but youtube give me Chance! what happened with Hangout on Air: Online Marketing 101 – Week 1. Thanks a LOT!!

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