Hangover 2, The Three Musketeers & News on The Hobbit! – Film State

Get the lowdown on all the latest trailers and movie news from the insane brains that brought you Film Riot! In todays episode we watch the trailers for The Hangover II, The Three Musketeers and Midnight in Paris trailers. Plus, news on The Hobbit and the Monsters Inc sequel. The Three Musketeers trailers.apple.com Midnight in Paris movies.yahoo.com Hangover Part II movies.yahoo.com

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8 Responses to Hangover 2, The Three Musketeers & News on The Hobbit! – Film State

  1. ptverhey says:

    hear? .. here.. maybe.. yes! fo? sure why not.. “of” is so last year.. spelling and grammer is for chumps :)

  2. ptverhey says:

    been watching a marathon of filmstate ,as never seen it before .. gotten all the way back to hear and find myself suddenly dissapointed with opinions expressed .. vicky blah blah blah blah barcelona was horrid.. one fo 4 movies i’ve turned off and never gone back too TWICE! and i’ll watch anything through to the end.. also the hangover part II got a EFF YEAH???WTF? poor judgement .. hangover franchise is like the saw and american pie franchise.. one was enough two is too many . three is ….

  3. MrSap97 says:

    and i think youre blind cuz they are only like 14 to 20 mins -.- and i wish they where longer cuz ryan is freaking awesome :D!!!

  4. ben10fan14 says:

    Thank u 4 h8ting tron omg that sucked

  5. Fyuesiy says:

    music in Hangover 2 was kinda randomly placed…

  6. pepppon985 says:

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  7. Sarah Ang says:

    I agree. That’s why his video like 3 hours long! He’s not funny.

  8. josipis says:

    hangover 2 was horrible imo…nothing like the original… 1.5/5

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