Hannon Hill Releases Cascade Server 7.12 With New Broken Link Report

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 08, 2014

Hannon Hill Corporation has released Cascade Server 7.12, the newest version of its award-winning enterprise content management system. With the addition of a broken link report and new stale content filters, the latest version of the CMS continues the companys ongoing initiative to improve the user experience and focuses on content reporting and content authoring with enhancements to the draft and editing interfaces.

Cascade Server 7.12 features a brand new site-wide broken link report. Keeping up with the quality of your sites internal and external links is no easy undertaking, but it’s an essential part of maintaining a high caliber website. Both your visitors and search engines demand sites to be free of broken links. This feature will regularly scan your site for both internal and external links, allowing users to find and fix these links before they ever go live.

Think of how negative a visitors impression of your site could be if they were redirected to a page that no longer existed? A bad user experience can result in lower trust and lower conversions, and it can hurt your SEO efforts. These are just some of the reasons Im so excited about the new broken link report feature and how it can improve the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing efforts, said Hannon Hills Marketing Coordinator, Diana Muina.

Cascade Server 7.12 introduces more improvements to content drafting, including simpler and cleaner draft status indicators with clearer messaging and added information about when your draft was last updated.

Cascade Server 7.12 is our second major release so far this year. Our customers keep telling us how much they appreciate the more frequent releases, because they can get their hands on new features more quickly, said Hannon Hills CEO, Kat Liendgens.

Cascade Server 7.12 also brings the ability to apply one or more folder filters to the Stale Content report to help you focus on just the content that matters to you. Folder filters are specific to each user and can be applied by both stale assets and assets needing review.

We really zeroed in on the authoring and reporting phases of the content lifecycle because we know that’s where a lot of users spend their time. Even subtle changes to frequently repeated processes in these phases can go a long way, and this release has both subtle and game-changing features, said Hannon Hills VP of Engineering, Bradley Wagner.

Lastly, Cascade Server 7.12 improves support for inserting and link-checking scheme-relative links to keep up with the trend towards more HTTPS-enabled sites and a secure web.

Hannon Hills customers have been notified of the release and can download and install the newest version by visiting the Cascade Server downloads page. For more information, please see the Cascade Server 7.12 Release Notes.

About the Company

Located in Atlanta, GA, Hannon Hill is the creator of Cascade Server, the most popular enterprise content management system for higher education. Designed with colleges and universities in mind, Cascade Server gives higher education, government, technology, healthcare and non-profit organizations the freedom to manage their web presence with ease and cutting edge technology. It is engineered for any network environment, provides a content contributor-friendly interface, and provides deployment flexibility, robust multi-site management and a fast implementation.

Since its founding in 2001, Hannon Hill solutions have been utilized and trusted by more higher education institutions than any other CMS. Over 200 organizations in higher education use Cascade Server, including Emory University, The College of William & Mary, Northwestern University, University of Saskatchewan, and Texas A&M University, among many others. For more information about Hannon Hill and its products, please visit or contact the company directly at 800-407-3540.

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