Hanoi – from mausoleum to water puppets

Hanoi – from mausoleum to water puppets
THE NEXT DAY, we wait in the hot sun to see Ho Chi Minh, the father of the nation, at his mausoleum – one of the most visited sites in Hanoi. Even in the heat, we must stand still in relatively long lines, and move along with almost military precision.
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Raiding pirate sites is counter-productive
What they found out in the data is that there was a site in Germany, called Kino.to, a service similar to Megaupload. It offered unlicenced copies of movies, music and TV shows. It was the most visited site out of all they had any interest in, with 6 …
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Why a decent website is key for dealers
Meanwhile, the proportion visiting a franchised website was slightly lower at 61 per cent. When asked what information they look for in a dealer website, most buyers focus on stock. A total of 57 per cent said they visited a website to check the range …
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