Happy 15th Birthday, Google!

Happy 15th Birthday, Google!
Fifteen years ago this month, two Stanford grad students founded a company called Google, named after the mathematical term googol, which represents the number one followed by a hundred zeros. Today's Google Doodle, a keyboard piñata game, …
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Google Recently Made A Silent Shift To A New Search Algorithm, “Hummingbird”
Have you noticed recently that Google has gotten a bit better at offering up direct answers to questions? If so, there's a reason for it: they recently flipped the switch on a new search algorithm they call “Hummingbird”, which focuses on parsing …
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Man Finds His Late Grandma Reading The Newspaper On A Sunny Porch In
Google Street View. Click to enlarge. Dustin Moore of Beaverton, Ore., likes to surf Google Street View when he is bored, and that's how he discovered this charming image of his late grandmother reading a newspaper and enjoying the sun on her front stoop.
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