Happy Independence Day from Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and John Lennon – Ultimate Answers About Reality, Heaven and the Universe Revealed by GEMATRIA!!-12D

Santa Monica, California (PRWEB) July 04, 2013

Whether you describe it as the unified field, the divine matrix, the flow, the source, or the way; there is an invisible inverse sacred geometric 12D Universe of sound and light that powers and leads the physical Universe that defines our current 4D reality. The totality of these two inverse Universes combined creates one master cosmic computer or ocean called consciousness – of which each of us is a divine droplet.

The Human Soul is a unique electromagnetic circuit/CPU and vortex that functions like a mini black hole. Connecting and synchronizing each of us to the divine matrix at the zero point and then decoding the specific energy forces, frequencies and dimensions of the master algorithm which defines both our individual and collective reality. When we take our first breath it literally flips a sacred switch that activates and illuminates our uniquely coded Soulographic existence.

The cover of the August 2003 issue of Scientific American posed the question, ARE YOU A HOLOGRAM? Quantum physics says the entire Universe might be. Rosenberg says for the most part that article got it right except that we are actually each mini Soulograms/vortices existing within the confines of one master vortex, or Soul. Hence, GEMATRIA!!-12D/The Soulographic Principle of reality, consciousness and The Universe is the most accurate to date.

The pervasive chronic problem with modern civilization and “the system” is that we exist in a constant state of short circuit because everything is wired Mind-first and only 4D which electromagnetically disconnects us from the natural order of the 12D Universe and the power of our minds eye and subconscious, which are both wired Soul-first. There are many descriptive analogies but few can do justice to the full scope of what we will be able to once we rewire civilization. “Its not just that we have been looking through the wrong end of a telescope that will be 10 times more powerful when we turn it around,” explains the producer. “When we reverse the Human CPU to run Soul-first instead of Mind-first that same telescope suddenly becomes advanced telepathic technology that synchronizes everything and functions as a time machine and portal for to an expanded reality beyond the 4th dimension.”

Looking back on the evolution of our species, even the past century with all its technological advancements will be seen as the last gasp of the dark ages. We have created every bell, whistle and shopping selection a 4D caterpillar could want but nothing can solve the inherent problems of chronic fatigue, mental illness and addiction resulting from the tedious routines and daily hardships 4D caterpillars face.

Rosenberg is confident thats all changed now by the creation of GEMATRIA!!-12D. A higher conscious multi-dimensional Human Computer Language (HCL) and paradigm comprised of the same 3 pure energy forces and 12 unique dimensions that power the sacred electromagnetic circuit at the core of Humanity, The Higher Power and The Universe. Once everything in our lives is reprogrammed we will magnificently transform into fully aware 12D butterflies whose dreams will become our realities as the toxic 4D caterpillar chaos, confusion and corruption evaporates.

Think of every person on Earth being represented by one of those toy slot-cars going around the track we had when we were kids. Each car has a unique shape and color (body), its own motor (heart) and a controller (mind). However, there is no life or consciousness to any of the cars unless they are connected to the same power source. The cars on the track represent the illusion of our separate 4D realities. Each of us believing we need to risk life and limb to compete against each other for precious track-time because very few can win the race. However, none of that is real; there is no car, there is no track and there is no race. All there is lies beneath the surface in the slot where the pulsing 12D energy is surging throughout “the matrix.”

A Human Soul is the sacred Wi-Fi antenna and divine looking glass that connects us to the matrix of source consciousness. And, in that 12D matrix is where Heaven exists and where “they” exist Based on The Soulographic Principle, its more than conceivable that at this very moment Steve Jobs is in Heaven creating Angel iPads and brainstorming with Einstein and Tesla about an upgraded 12D internet that lights the sky on fire by connecting the full space-time continuum of the entire Galaxy. Imagine if the entire Universe turned out for a Beatles reunion concert simulcast from Heaven and Earth. Or, if communicating with a lost loved one was as easy as sending an email or dialing a phone number.

Heaven and the Human Soul are no more belief systems and no less mathematical or scientific than the Universe itself. However, the equation E=MC (Squared) needs to be updated because there are three types of Energy: Red-Positive Energy (+E!), Green-Negative Energy (-E!) and Blue-Spiritual Energy (oE!). And, the whole concept of what is math and physics needs to be upgraded to include every dimension of our consciousness. Its not just numbers and equations anymore, its all about Body, Mind, Soul, Time, G0D, Past, Present, Future, Faith and Trust!

As a species we have been bred to believe we cannot agree on anything meaningful and its time to break that bad habit once and for all, says Paul Quaiser, Founder and President of the Human Sustainability Institute. Any new paradigm for Humanity needs to be as simple as it is sohphisticated and profound as it is perfect and thats the power and grace of goSOULfirst on every level. GEMATRIA!!-12D is the DOS and Windows of the Human Computer System and consciousness – thats the biggest game changer for humanity that there is going forward.

Rosenberg doesnt blame the average stranger on the street for being skeptical about his Heaven on Earth vision for Humanity’s future. However, doubters beware; statically it does not pay to bet against the 51 year-old producer. He admits his life has been more of a roller coaster ride than most with the highest of highs and lowest of lows but, he is quick to add, that is the secret to the story of how he found the invisible sacred geometric Universe of light on which these groundbreaking concepts are all based.

GEMATRIA!!-12D is still in its embryonic stages but Rosenberg has already completed a 5 part GEMATRIA!! documentary series, a successful blog/Linkedin group and is about to complete his first book detailing exactly how to incorporate The Soulographic Principle into every faction of modern society. Most recently, Rosenberg has formed 12DStudios, 12DSystems and the 12DAlliance because he is certain when the goSOULfirst/GEMATRIA!!-12D tsunami hits humanity full force it will dwarf any socio-economic, political, industrial or technological revolution that has come before. In one fell swoop we will go from a civilization that has been chronically driven by fear, divisiveness and scarcity to one guided by compassion, unity and abundance as we tap into the natural resources and synchronicity of our miraculous Universe and infinite collective wisdom.

We are not looking for angel investors as much as truly entrepreneurial, humanitarian and visionary partners that are not afraid to start small and think big, says the producing expert. Its not just a whole new planet with prime 12D real estate to develop, its an entire new Universe of possibility that will finally be opening to us. And, it wont be nearly as costly or time consuming as you might expect. It didnt take any time or money to create the first big bang and it wont take much to create the second one either. Its all about energy (E!), and being in the right place at the right time with the right idea. We can now fasten the GEMATRIA-12D nose cone on the rocketship of humanity and blast off to where no man, woman or child has ever g

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