Happy Pi Day from MIT!

Happy Pi Day from MIT!

Image by funkandjazz
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology home page used one of my photos of a Pi piece to mark Pi Day (3.14).

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28 Responses to Happy Pi Day from MIT!

  1. ceedwookies says:

    haha thats sick!

  2. No Faced says:

    Thats hella dope!

  3. shilly shally says:

    very cool!

  4. pious domain says:

    WOW….let me just say that.

  5. ALKMY says:

    ^for real this is some bootsyism.

  6. mr.mischeveous says:

    lets see the original picture.

  7. mr.mischeveous says:


  8. rat guts says:

    that is so goddamn tight. pretty funny that MIT did this

  9. GLASSANOS says:

    some networking hah

  10. santa cruz and such says:

    take that shit to court

  11. TRUE 2 DEATH says:

    Fuck yes! You are on fire lately.

  12. SupHolmez? says:

    Soon Funk will rule the world.

  13. Galore! says:

    hahah does tha real pi get a cut off that

  14. i2r34l says:

    I get stuck looking at it. that ish hypnotizes me.

  15. "Zoo" says:

    haha thats excellent

  16. WeT..WillY says:

    did they use your permision?

  17. funkandjazz says:

    WW, yes, they asked if they could use the photo and I thought it was a great idea. They gave me credit in the lower right part of the page.

  18. ALKMY says:

    ^didnt see that. now im on the bandwagon..

  19. Drippy Mops says:

    weak they took it down

  20. animal-style says:

    hella raw

  21. splatula says:

    get your slice !

  22. mrsmullerauh says:

    That is AWESOME. I think that particular Pi was tagged over and over and now is a portrait, now you have given it a new life. Long live Pi!

  23. worknpublic says:

    it doesnt take a genius to see how good your flicks are funk but im sure its nice to have a school full of them enjoy your work

  24. ☂Givafuck☂ says:

    some one owes PI some $$$$$$$ straight up!

  25. Justin Pham says:

    this is the day i got rejected from MIT :[

  26. erikland says:

    Sweet, congrats! Viva pi

  27. TheRapLetterTechnician says:

    if i was pi id be pissed.at least you got credit for it funk…

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