Happy Together – Suzy, Jessi, Seo Woo & more! (2015.04.23)

Happy Together - Suzy, Jessi, Seo Woo & more! (2015.04.23)

The Host’s Guest Special: Welcome to the Host’s Guest Special where the five MCs recommended a guest each for the show. Jaeseok recommended actress Seo Woo, Myungsoo recommended rapper.

21 thoughts on “Happy Together – Suzy, Jessi, Seo Woo & more! (2015.04.23)

  1. I was waiting for this. I love how Suzy and Jessi became friends after this show, right? Or were they already friend before? anyway love them both <3

  2. To be honest I was a bit disappointed in this episode, great guests but the ep over all was not that funny. Maybe because the previous episode was hilarious or i dont know but I kinda felt I got bored in the middle or what! :)

  3. I actually just heard or knew about Jessi from the preview on one Running Man episode, and I also started watching this because of Suzy. But after watching this, I think I fell in love with Jessi! She’s so carefree and charismatic at the same time! Now I cannot wait for the new Running Man episode! Lol, I also think I might start watching Unpretty Rapstar because of Jessi! Also, Suzy is so pretty and she looks a little bit like Fei with her new hair, but both are pretty anyways!

  4. Honestly I didn’t like suzy a lot, but know I think I have changed my mind about her. She seems like really nice girl and she’s really pretty.

  5. I’m not familiar with the other ladies, but Seo Woo is an incredible actress. I wish she’d appear in another drama, soon. I really loved her as Jang Beo-jin in ‘Tamra, the Island’. Another great drama, like the recently completed ‘Blood’ that somehow didn’t get the ratings that it should have. I’ll never understand the tastes of the Korean viewing audience, but I’m thankful that they produce so many quality shows. I’ve hardly bothered with American tv (other than sports) for nearly a decade. Thank god for the internet, and for subtitles!

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