Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar
Event on 2013-04-30 21:00:00

Coming up on April 30, 2013
Coming up on 9:00 pm


With Special Guest: Custom Model

“Har Mar Superstar used to be a different person. It used to be my excuse to get away with the more fantastic things in life … It was easier to get onstage as this other guy and be outrageous and have it be glorified. I guess the confidence I got from being Har Mar Superstar translated into my real life so now we’re one and the same.”

For this new LP, Tillmann was inspired by the excitement and the isolation of New York City, and crafted the songs for Bye Bye Seventeenthere, occasionally collaborating with writers like Fab Moretti (“Prisoner”), Kelly Gately (“Rhythm Bruises”), and Ryan Olson (“We Don’t Sleep”), before deciding to permanently relocate to the East Coast from Los Angeles.

at Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, United States

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