HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2013 is Released

(PRWEB) August 22, 2012

MAPILab is delighted to present a new edition of a well-known solution for SharePoint web-analytics and usage reporting: HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2013.

In August 2012, Microsoft launched its Microsoft Office 2013 customer preview. The standard software package includes Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, a popular platform for managing teamwork in the in familiar environment of Microsoft Office.

Since 2007 the popularity of SharePoint platform has resulted in the development of a significant number of third-party solutions aimed at expansion and enhancement of SharePoint functionality. Obviously, the problem of compatibility of any third-party solution with the latest versions of SharePoint is a key issue for both the developers and the users of these solutions.

Therefore, MAPILab is glad to announce the launch of HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2013, an effective solution for web analytics, visitor behavior and portal content usage reporting for web-sites and portals based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform. The solution is completely compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, including the support of the new Windows 8 style user interface.

SharePoint 2013 does not feature any significant changes in the range of statistical reports available for the user compared to SharePoint 2010. So the package of more than 50 HarePoint Analytics reports available for such areas as website visitors and their behavior, the use of the website content, the use of documents, etc., remains relevant and indispensable for convenient and efficient work with websites on the platform of SharePoint 2013.

It should be emphasized that, apart from new functionality, the compatibility of HarePoint Analytics with SharePoint 2013 offers users a unique opportunity to discover the specifics of the use of a third-party product for testing SharePoint 2013 in their own environment.

The detailed information about the product and a 30-day free trial of HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2013 are available at the software homepage. Consultations regarding HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2013 implementation or licensing are also available.

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