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Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) September 24, 2014

For those who are hurt in a workplace accident and need to file a workers compensation claim or are disabled and need to apply for Social Security disability benefits, the process can seem overwhelming. Understanding what benefits are available and how to apply for them is vital for making good decisions for the future. The legal team at Norfleet & Lafferty, LLC understands the importance of timely information, which is why they launched a new, information-rich website.

The new Norfleet & Lafferty website will serve as an information hub for people who want to learn more about Social Security disability and workers compensation in Pennsylvania. The goal of the website is to offer an educational resource for people who are unfamiliar with these areas of lawwhen they need it the most.

Visitors to the website are served a wealth of information, including articles, blog posts, news releases, answers to FAQs, and more. Information such as how to get Social Security disability benefits for a child and the meaning of specific loss in workers compensation claims can be found in the articles on the new website. In addition, free guides are available to help workers understand what to do if they are hurt on the job in Pennsylvania and to offer strategies for completing a Social Security disability application.

The team at Norfleet & Lafferty, LLC has worked in Social Security disability and workers compensation law for many years. Throughout that time, they have learned that people have a distinct need for helpful information after an injury or illness disrupts their lives. While many law firms aim to make a sales pitch with their websites, the team at Norfleet & Lafferty, LLC takes a different approachto serve as a resource for the public. Their goal is to help people get the financial support they need during unusually difficult circumstances. This often means taking on the tough cases that other lawyers avoid and working longer hours to obtain a positive result.

To continue to provide educational resources and assistance, the new website will be updated on a regular basis. It was designed by Foster Web Marketing, the Virginia-based web marketing firm.

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