Harrison Ford Chicken Fingers – How To Rank High in Google

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15 Responses to Harrison Ford Chicken Fingers – How To Rank High in Google

  1. SkillJunki3 says:

    dude when i first saw this it was like 14 views. You’re climbing up there aren’t you brian? You sly dog, you…

  2. MrMusikProduction says:

    @lasterdayfilms follow @indianmanspeaks !

  3. lasterdayfilms says:

    where is your twittler

  4. MrMusikProduction says:

    @lasterdayfilms Twitter and Youtube :D?

  5. lasterdayfilms says:

    like subbbs?

  6. MrMusikProduction says:

    If I follow you, follow back? 😀

  7. rubix187 says:

    Goddamn ghosts! Smh -Don Rubix

  8. Category120 says:

    wait a minute… you got a haircut. You are such a sneaky YouTube person

  9. TheUnknownBros1 says:

    @lasterdayfilms at first i thought you were gonna make cars into chicken fingers AND yais you are awesome!

  10. Juan Galvez says:

    yeh but say it like a catch frase like wahayy or way hayy

  11. lasterdayfilms says:

    like wuh-hay?

  12. Juan Galvez says:

    ikrrr!!there like hi im dead wahay p.s in your next video can u please say wahay!

  13. lasterdayfilms says:

    dead ghosts are so funny lol

  14. Juan Galvez says:


  15. Juan Galvez says:


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