Hatiyara Robot Part – 02 – Episode 169 – 4th Novermber 2012

Judge questions Inspector Dave as he got to know that Robot RD 32 is missing later, KD Pathak shows the footage of RD 32 which had the recording and thus, Judge and KD Pathak spots Milind in the footage. Milind reveals in the court that he went there to steal the blueprint and also reveals them that he went to steal the blueprint on Dr. Kenkare’s orders. KDPathak questions Milind about his relationship with Kaveri. KD Pathak shows Dr. Kenkre’s Andro 959’s reports which is almost matching Dr. Naidu’s RD 32 reports. Dr. Kenkre puts the blame on Kaveri who is dead. Robot RD 32 kills Milind too. Dr. Kenkre admits in the court that he had given the blueprint to Milind but he has not killed him. Varun spots a chocolate wrapper in the investigation area. Will KDPathak prove Dr. Naidu innocent? Will RD 32 Robot reveal the truth in the court? ” Adalat is a show – Promoolving around KD Pathak, a suave, sophisticated, witty and yet unconventional lawyer who is known as a ‘Houdini’ in circles of law because he can get his clients out of the tightest of situations. His success rate of acquittals is 100 percent. But most importantly KD stands not for his client, but for Justice. KD has an amazing eye for detail and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He always seems to know enough about every profession, and what he doesn’t know he covers up/makes up with his smartness. A quick thinker. KD steps into a case when all is doomed for the accused. All the doors are shut. When the
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19 thoughts on “Hatiyara Robot Part – 02 – Episode 169 – 4th Novermber 2012

  1. Agar K.D Pathak k saath main ek hafta bhi reh saku toh mujhe lagta hai k mujh mein jo buraayiya hain shayad unhe main kamm kar saku….apni intelligence ko improve kr saku lekin ek yeh Inspector Dave hai jis per kujh asar nahi hota,har baar yeh K.D Sir ya Varun per sawaal uthata hai…kamaal hai yaar or end mein bhi kujh nai seekh paata kya yaar…Inspector ki job ghooooos de kr to nai li…..

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  3. Davee is a idiot, I don’t know how he became police officer Everything At crime spot is an evidence even a wrapper. Davee always questions kd and his assistant judgement and proves as a idiot in the end still he never learn

  4. Well spoke by .K.D in this episode “it is not important whether the evidence is small or big ‘” the important thing is the truth hidden behind it. . Thanks for uploading.

  5. Team “Aadalat”,i love this progrrame very much.,.,but sometimes u make me hate ur ideas,.,.please stop degrading ur standard.and as always,..,KD keep it up.,.,

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