Hatventures – Trials Evolution #83 – Trials Revolution! Jammin’ & Much More!!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Hatventures – Trials Evolution #83 – Trials Revolution! Jammin’ & Much More!!

  1. KrazedZombieHD says:

    1st person!!! And is that Xbox or pc

  2. OceanicMeerkat says:

    That was not BMX Free RIde.

  3. noobTUBINGmxDUDExbox says:

    Come on trot u letting ur game down

  4. BrewerFR says:

    That was so spinny

  5. 15thTimeLord says:

    F*ckin Hell, do first persons more often. Yeah!

  6. 15thTimeLord says:

    9:00 MY EYES!

  7. supersim33 says:

    they should have done this map after the pie eating contest. That would have driven them over the edge for sure!!! XD

  8. dumberTHANdumber35 says:

    roses are red vilots are blue this videos awesome so you guys are to.

  9. TehEpicChu says:

    Omg ur a ghost!

  10. dotjsp111 says:

    Suck a big juicy one!

  11. TehAlekzi says:

    Guys, Try out the extreme track from episode #7 again. Back then you just utterly failed at the track but I believe you can finish it now.

  12. DrDiscofix says:

    LOL, I was so concentrating on “what the f**** happens next” that I didn’t notice it.

  13. itsmeekate says:

    Oh my god Trott was hilarious in this episode of trials LOL

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