Havana's Hotspots

Havana's Hotspots
Only the most privileged or crafty have been able to get connections: just 4.1 percent of Cuban households had the internet as of 2013, the most recent data available, according to the UN International Telecommunications Union, and there is no public …
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Chrome And Firefox Kick Out Kickass Torrents Due To 'Harmful Programs'
The news was first reported by Torrent Freak, which says http://kat.cr and https://kat.cr have been blocked by the world's two most popular web browsers on Friday. Users who visit the website on Chrome are greeted with a red screen and a message that …
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Proof That the Internet Loves Leonardo DiCaprio More than Any Other Actor
Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, IMDb—the largest movie Web site in the world and the go-to source for every imaginable movie fact—is looking back at its famous user rankings. They've exclusively shared with us this list, of the top-ranked …
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