HCF Las Vegas 2014 – Nutrition Practice Building Summit. Call 888-600-6541 for More Information.

HCF Las Vegas 2014 – Nutrition Practice Building Summit. Call 888-600-6541 for More Information.
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Our HCF Atlanta Event will infuse cutting edge testing and natural support protocols for degenerative conditions. The systems and programs you will learn at this seminar can be applied in your office the day you return. Practitioners will also learn how to effectively market degenerative conditions and integrate nutrition into their practice. You will learn the science to get to the cause, marketing strategies to bring in new patients and protocols to meet the needs of these modern day conditions. To learn more about our seminars and receive a free consultation.
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 Special Guest Speakers:

Dr. Dan Pompa, D.C.  – MAIN TRAINER

Dr. Dan Pompa has established his practice on a firm and proven conviction that the crisis of modern-day allopathic medicine and even natural medicine is the sad result of physicians chasing symptoms with medication and supplements rather than addressing the root cause of disease. Dr. Pompa is a world leader in health and wellness industry traveling the country educating doctors and their patients on the 5 R's of True Cellular Detoxification. The number one reason he has a waiting list practice and has clients come to him from all over the world is his ability to get his patients well.

Warren Phillips, M.S.

Warren Phillips M.S. is the CEO and Co-founder of Health Centers of the Future. His simple solutions to Chiro -Web 2.0 marketing has landed Dr. Pompa’s clinic and others on Page 1 of Google for numerous highly sought after search terms, locally and internationally without paying a dime. He has streamlined online marketing strategies and solutions that any Health Care Practitioner and/or staff member can learn to do. He loves to share his most successful strategies with practitioners that want to make a difference and take action in their clinics. Although he started his carreer as a Geologist, his love for business and health lead him to positions such as the President and VP of Sales and Marketing for supplement and direct sales companies. At this event he will focus on condition specific marketing programs for highly sought after conditions such as thyroid, weight loss resistance, diabetes and anti-aging.

Faith Hill, C.N.C. Faith Hill is the founder of L.I.F.Ewise and the author of Smart, Creative and Under Budget, the menu planning system that couples with the Cellular Healing Diet. Faith is a graduate from the International Institute of Holistic Healing (Formerly a division of Brayer University), Cosmetic Arts Columbia/Aveda Institute and Grace Life International (ADT,SIT programs), where she received license and certifications in Nutrition Consulting, (holistic) Cosmetology, Development and Advanced Discipleship Counseling. Faith has been with Health Centers of the Future since the first ever seminar! She applied everything she learned from Dr. Pompa and developed strategic systems for office integration. Faith has assisted in opening dozens of nutrition programs all over the country! From high volume medical offices to virtual practices, Faith has developed the best implementation systems for each model.Faith has a joy for life and passion for loving every moment, which makes working with her truly inspiring! Her testimony of transformation is where her passion comes from and she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that if her life can change, so can yours! Practitioners, like Dr. Pompa, Faith’s story of overcoming toxicity is what drives her to make your office the best it can be. She knows if she get’s your office successful at helping the most people, than she is winning the war she has waged against toxicity.

David AsarnowDavid Asarnow an authority in the area of accelerated business growth and the psychology of why people buy has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales over the last twenty years. His clients have added millions of dollars to their businesses' bottom lines after implementing David’s practical business advice. As a speaker, author, certified business coach, and master business and sales trainer, David has trained thousands of business professionals worldwide. It is David’s passion to inspire others to believe in their dreams and their goals, and to have the confidence to take direct and committed actions to achieve them. David’s passions are his family, spirituality, the outdoors, and helping business owners understand the psychology of success and how to incorporate this strategically in their businesses growth. Many of America’s top companies regularly hire David to train, motivate, and inspire their teams to build their business like a champion. You can learn more about David and his approach to business and life success at www.DavidAsarnow.com

Rene Kamstra
Rene Kamstra is one of the world’s top speakers with a focus on personal and corporate growth for business leaders. Rene teaches audiences how to tap into their distinct personality advantages to drive revenue and results. Over the past 15 years, Rene has led over 5,000 students, and been at the helm of sales in excess of 5,000,000.  Rene has spanned over six continents when it comes to her engagements as a speaker and master executive coach. In addition, she is also half of the pioneering team behind Business Oxygen along with David Asarnow.  

Dr. Shayne Morris, Ph.D.
 Dr. Shayne Morris received his M.B.A from Utah State University in 2004 and received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Utah in 1999. In 1995 Shayne received his B.S. in ACS Chemistry from Weber State University and has been an Adjunct Professor at Weber State University for six years. He has worked extensively in the the nutritional supplement field for over 15 years with Systemic Formulas. Dr. Morris has done many years of nutritional product research development, Q/A, and manufacturing operations.    

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*If you stay for the full first day of our event and decide this is not the event for you we will give your full investment price back to you.

at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort
101 Montelago Blvd
Henderson, United States

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