‘He Just Doesn’t Give a Fuck’ Translator at E3 (Gran Turismo PSP Presentation)

Context: Kazunouri Yamauchi was promoting Gran Turismo, but spoke Japanese. This guy next to him was writing on a notepad, and translating everything he said. Problem is, he came across as if he was just writing some unrelated shit down as if he didnt care, whilst translating. Rewatch it a few times, it’s hilarious, mainly because Kazunouri Yamauchi looked so nervous. Edit: Also Know Your Meme is run by idiots, the ‘meme’ originated from /v/, I just put this video up to give people context.

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14 Responses to ‘He Just Doesn’t Give a Fuck’ Translator at E3 (Gran Turismo PSP Presentation)

  1. 999a0s says:

    miyamoto has been learning english for years and he can still barely speak it. it’s hard to go from japanese to english

  2. joshua240597 says:

    the translator is too busy writing all the fucks he want to give

  3. ShinyGamez says:

    ogm me 2

  4. headcrabwarrior6161 says:

    hooray. i am has smart.

  5. smashinova says:

    I think the real guy who doesn’t give a fuck is Kazunouri Yamauchi: – promoting a game popular around the world – tasked with promoting the game at the release event – doesn’t give a fuck enough to learn English

  6. variousdinosaurs says:


  7. Magnegro says:

    Why does he look so goddamn nervous

  8. ThaDevil5000 says:

    lol now I get it, he’s not solving a puzzle he’s reading the translation on his notepad. You can see that his pen is moving with the words he’s saying.

  9. ShinyGamez says:

    1/4 of us have AdBlock* Only a small chunk of Youtube is smart enough to get adblock.

  10. moonstone12s34yy says:

    (Annotations) “Looks like Sony claimed copyright and shoved in some ads to make a profit off this. Cant do anything about it either. Not that I give a fuck.” Silly Sony, I have adblock.

  11. xdatgirlnayx says:

    i feel bad for the presenter he looks like hes going to cry…geez he must have felt really embaressed ..i mean..he knows he should learn english and to have a translator translate the game u made and holding a damn pad must be a big blow to his ego..

  12. Douche85 says:

    Confirmed: No fucks given.

  13. Marauder Shields says:

    the translator doesnt give a shit lol

  14. smashingpumpkin1986 says:

    LOL looks like he’s checking off his lotto numbers “nope, didn’t fucking win again”.

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