‘He Just Doesn’t Give a Fuck’ Translator at E3 (Gran Turismo PSP Presentation)

Context: Kazunouri Yamauchi was promoting Gran Turismo, but spoke Japanese. This guy next to him was writing on a notepad, and translating everything he said. Problem is, he came across as if he was just writing some unrelated shit down as if he didnt care, whilst translating. Rewatch it a few times, it’s hilarious, mainly because Kazunouri Yamauchi looked so nervous. Edit: Also Know Your Meme is run by idiots, the ‘meme’ originated from /v/, I just put this video up to give people context.

14 thoughts on “‘He Just Doesn’t Give a Fuck’ Translator at E3 (Gran Turismo PSP Presentation)

  1. I think the real guy who doesn’t give a fuck is Kazunouri Yamauchi: – promoting a game popular around the world – tasked with promoting the game at the release event – doesn’t give a fuck enough to learn English

  2. lol now I get it, he’s not solving a puzzle he’s reading the translation on his notepad. You can see that his pen is moving with the words he’s saying.

  3. (Annotations) “Looks like Sony claimed copyright and shoved in some ads to make a profit off this. Cant do anything about it either. Not that I give a fuck.” Silly Sony, I have adblock.

  4. i feel bad for the presenter he looks like hes going to cry…geez he must have felt really embaressed ..i mean..he knows he should learn english and to have a translator translate the game u made and holding a damn pad must be a big blow to his ego..

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