HealthEconomics.Com Launches New Web Series: HE-Artists

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

To strengthen the virtual community of Health Economists and create deeper connections with its audience of 20,000 healthcare researchers worldwide, HealthEconomics.Com has launched a web series called HE-Artists, or, Health Economist Artists.

HE-Artists features the rich scope of artistic endeavors, skills, athletic prowess and hobbies of researchers and other healthcare professionals involved in the health economics, outcomes research, and market access movement in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. These HE-Artists are not professionals in their chosen activities, but rather, amateurs with a special passion they would like to share with their colleagues.

Featured artists include a Health Economics and Outcomes Research analyst from the United Kingdom who is also a jewelry designer. This HE-Artist designs hand-crafted jewelry inspired by her native Ghanaian heritage, and her urban London upbringing.

Another HE-Artist is a Health Economist from Uganda who is not only a lecturer and consultant, but also is a fine artist, drawing and painting figures from his life in a variety of media such as oils, pastels and colored pencils.

Turning to hobbies, a third HE-Artist is a Chemist and Marketing Director for a decision-modeling consulting company based in San Francisco. In his free time, this HE-Artist started the world’s first Beach Ultimate Lovers Association (BULA), and hosts BULA Championships across Europe.

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