Warns About Symptoms, Precautions Against West Nile Virus

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 31, 2012 reports in a Health Alert, that with 1,590 reported cases across 48 states, and now 66 deaths to date (according to August 29 statistics reported on ABC news), the Centers for Disease Control are calling it the worst outbreak of West Nile Virus on record in the United States. Citing a recent CBS news report, Whats Making the 2012 West Nile Outbreak the Worst Ever?, relates that, to date, the state of Texas has been hardest hit by the virus with 783 cases to date. Surrounding states of Louisiana and Mississippi also have strong concentrations of the virus. Other states reporting deaths include Arkansas, Michigan, Illinois and Mississippi. references the CDCs Division of Vector Borne Diseases Fact Sheet [West Nile Virus: Transmission, Questions and Answers] in relating symptoms of West Nile Virus and recommendations to decrease risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes including using DEET-containing repellants. also reports that Neem oil, a natural alternative to DEET, has been found in research by the Malaria Institute of India [Malaria Journal, 2009 8: 124, Larvicidal activity of neem oil formulation against mosquitoes] to also be effective against mosquito bites. medical expert, Mark Rosenberg, M.D. adds further comment about taking precautions for West Nile Virus: Although people over 50, and those who are immune-system comprised, are at greater risk for getting complications from a West Nile Virus infection, it can affect anyone at any age. And, even though 80% of people who become infected do not show symptoms or develop complications, the consequences of West Nile Virus complications (paralysis, coma, death) make it important to observe recommended precautions. With all the flooding in the Gulf states from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac now, the increase in West Nile Virus cases is a real possibility.

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