Heart to Heart Adoptions Publishes New Website

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

Heart to Heart Adoption Utah would like to announce the publishing of its new website. The new site features some exciting things like Adoption Profiles. This page includes photographs and information about each family that is hoping to adopt a baby. Clicking on a photo brings up a separate page where you can locate additional information about the family. General information like where they live, occupations, hobbies and a personal note from the family to a potential birth mom are included.

The new web site added expanded areas regarding financial support that birth moms can expect to receive when working with Heart to Heart Adoptions. Birth moms are given lovely apartments in the Salt Lake City area along with utility bills, clothing, groceries and other miscellaneous expenses. Counseling sessions and social get-togethers are also an important part of the birth moms journey.

The new website was created by Adaptivity Pro, a Utah web design and Internet marketing company. According to Lorraine Morgan, co-owner at Adaptivity Pro, We are so pleased to have worked with those at Heart to Heart Adoptions and everyone agrees that the website came out wonderfully. Its so upbeat and has many new features and a fresh, new look. Their work is truly a labor of love and we wish them continued success.

Heart to Heart Adoption Utah offers a number of excellent services for adoptive parents as well. They understand the difficulty that couples go through when trying to decide about adopting a baby. Often, it comes as a result of years of painful failures to create a biological child but these families find hope at Heart to Heart. Both birth moms and adoptive parents will find all the warm support they need before, during and after the adoption.

One of the key features of the new website design is a section called, What our Birth Mothers Say. These are heartfelt letters from women who have worked with Heart to Heart in the past and many are beautiful expressions of love and gratitude from birth moms. Though they all agree that giving their baby up for adoption was hard, they appreciate the compassionate support they received from the counselors and all the staff at Heart to Heart Adoption.

The new website has a blog with helpful articles there about what its really like to adopt a baby and what families can expect from the process. The Blog also shares personal stories from birth moms and adoptive families that are heartwarming and informative.

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