Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Firms Salivating With Excitement Over New Niche Search Engines Being the Next Billion Dollar Industry

Middleton, MA (PRWEB) July 16, 2010

With Internet content doubling at a quicker pace than ever before, the trend analytics software at The Internet Time Machine has issued its findings on how new search engines could be the next massive growth area for investors and technology companies. “We are at a space in history, according to our world-wide monitoring of Internet conversation and search, that Internet dating was at 15 years ago. At that time, only one major site existed, Yahoo Singles, and it was free. Then the explosion of niche demand sites like Christian dating, Indian Dating, Jewish Dating, and so on and so on lead to a multi-billion dollar industry.” says Internet Time Machine founder, Curt Dalton. “At this point in time, with enormous content factories putting so much content on the Internet every hour, the ability to show results that will make every search user happy will go to statistical zero at some point. When that happens, users demand for better results sets will create new search engines that only deal with niches and particular subjects. Wolfram Alpha and NowRelevnt.com are great example of this process having already begun.”

The Internet Time Machine software, which specializes in trend analytics and studying what consumers are talking about and looking for but are having a hard time finding, spotted a growing trend in consumer demand based around the words “search”, “searches”, and “search engine”. With the recently published video featuring Neil Patel of QuickSprout and Kissmetrics, the question of the viability of new search engines came up as a debate. “New niche search engines will emerge only if the user satisfaction with their current search results declines and they are unhappy with their results.” Patel added.

The fact that content is doubling so quickly, the barrier to entry in the market is getting cheaper every day, and that new studies show people already looking for new niche search engines, has the investment community excited about the possibilities. “Our software shows that some of the best new search engine ideas that are already in demand is a time based search engine like NowRelevant.com. , that shows you everything about a subject for the last 14 days only. Also at the top of the list is an engine that shows what people are online at the moment, a unified job search engine that covers all job listing sites, and a copyright/trademark engine that could sort records from around the world.” says Ali Khan, head of technology at The Internet Time Machine. “An engine that shows all mobile apps, for all smartphones, is already in demand. As well as a new search engine that could reversed PO BOX listings and email addresses to find out the owner is also a hot idea.” adds Curt Dalton.

The company does admit that these ideas, if possible, would take some start up money in the range of $ 2,000,000 to $ 3,000,000. “Not a project for a small individual, but for a venture capital firm or hedge fund, this isn’t a ton of money.” adds Curt.

For more information on how the Internet Time Machine monitors consumer demand and trends visit http://www.theinternettimemachine.com/beta/site/about.php or email us at info(at)theinternettimemachine(dot)com

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