Helix House Reports A Record Movement Away From Traditional Media Into The Internet Marketing Arena

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Helix House, a proven leader in Internet marketing and Internet advertising reports a record movement away from traditional media into the Internet marketing arena. The company attributes this sizable and notable movement away from traditional media to the fact that TV and newspaper is no longer effective in helping businesses achieve their goals and objectives when it comes to marketing a brand or improving client acquisition. As such, Helix House is witnessing a record demand for Internet marketing and Internet advertising related services. Businesses large and small from a wide variety of industries and sectors of the economy are turning to Internet marketing as a safe and efficient way of improving bottom-line performance. As these businesses turn to Internet marketing as a viable option they are requiring the guidance and assistance of an experienced Internet marketing agency.

Helix House brings to the table years of experience in both Internet marketing and Internet advertising. Specializing in a wide variety of search engine optimization strategies as well as pay per click strategies, Helix House is a company with a proven reputation throughout the industry. Having been awarded a number of accolades the company continues to excel when it comes to leveraging the most advanced strategies in Internet marketing. Staying abreast of the latest changes in the industry and implementing the most advanced Internet marketing tools has allowed the company to help businesses excel beyond the ordinary. Of particular interest is the company’s focus on mobile connectivity and social media.

The company strives to deliver real and measurable results for businesses by leveraging all the social media has to offer. From Facebook to Twitter and a host of other social media platforms, Helix House helps businesses develop a real and viable social media marketing strategy. Social media plays a vital role in helping businesses stay competitive in today’s challenging economy. Building a brand or sharing an idea, product or service is easy and effective when social media is properly leveraged and utilized. Helix House has years of experience working with social media and its most recent advances, especially those related to mobile connectivity. Businesses can expect a sizable increase in online exposure when they properly implement social media and its many unique aspects.

Helix House closely follows the seismic shift away from traditional media into Internet marketing and leverages the latest technologies to help businesses achieve remarkable results. The company addresses every issue related to Internet marketing including link building, text marketing and the importance of video in keeping a business competitive online. As more and more businesses turn to experienced Internet marketing firms to achieve impressive results online they are increasingly looking to companies like Helix House for guidance and assistance. This recent announcement with regard to a record movement away from traditional media into the Internet marketing arena is further proof and evidence that there is a big change happening in the world when it comes to marketing and advertising. Helix House helps business address these changes to best improve online exposure.

Helix House is a highly innovative forward-looking Internet marketing agency located in sunny Arizona and beautiful New Mexico. The company has consistently exceeded industry expectations to routinely rank highest among some the best Internet marketing companies in the country. Recognized as an industry leader, this Internet marketing firm has helped hundreds of businesses across the country to gain better online ranking, online exposure and overall recognition. Helix House outpaces the competition year after year by leveraging the latest Internet technology, ideas and concepts to deliver extraordinary results for businesses large and small.

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