13 Replies to “Hello Counselor – Seo Inguk and Soohyun and Kevin of U-Kiss & more! (2013.11.18)”

  1. Guys, U-Kiss hadn’t released She’s Mine when they went on here. There’s nothing for them to promote because this was also after Standing Still promotions ended. I’m not happy about the small amount of screen time either, bit seriously, please don’t act like rhe producer completely ignored them. You know that’s not true

  2. This is the most fuked up show I have seen. How can you laugh at a daughter dealing with her father walkin around naked!!!? On live tv too, I’m sorry I would of not done that if I was her because her friends see’s this, her brothers friends see’s the. And they treat it like a joke. Thats not cool.

  3. I love the wife with the tweezers, she cracks me up a lot especially seeing that she relieves stress and compared to it to eating dessert!! Although it’s kind of odd/weird in a way, that’s hilarious!! He’s lucky to have a wife that’s quite unique (plus he started the concern, which probably shouldn’t have mattered, but it’s hilarious anyway)! lol XD

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