Help-U-Close Workshop Generate One More Closing

Help-U-Close Workshop Generate One More Closing
Event on 2015-07-21 10:00:00
Generate One More Closing In this Help-U-Close Workshop, we reveal the secrets to generate one more closing per month by making your network connections more profitable rather than just social, connecting with roughly 300,000,000 lead generating professionals through LinkedIn, and using the California Homebuyer’s Down-payment Assistance Program (CHDAP) to qualify MORE new homebuyers. Business coach Rachel French shares the secret of how to network BETTER online and offline while making your connections more profitable rather than just social.  She’ll answer these powerful questions about networking for profit.  Why should you network?  How to have useful conversations at a networking event?  How to follow-up and when? Why is networking with your competition a GOOD thing?   How does growing your network of people to refer to make you invaluable to your clients and endear you to referral partners AND competition?  How do you use offline platforms to build on your in-person networking? Social Media Expert Noah Mandel says that if you sell real estate and don’t know how to leverage LinkedIn, YOU are missing a HUGE opportunity to connect with roughly 300,000,000 professionals worldwide.  Some of your best referrals should come from professional groups that include attorney’s, CPA’s and financial planners.  Learn how to fast track YOUR opportunities by learning how to generate leads through LinkedIn.   Are you trying to figure out how to help a new homebuyer who doesn’t have much money for a down payment but wants to buy a home?  Peter Campellone has the answer through sharing the secrets of the California Homebuyer’s Down-payment Assistance Program (CHDAP).  Learn how to help home buyers qualify with zero down to buy their first home.   Don't miss a HUGE opportunity to earn thousands more by attending this workshop.    Learn the SECRETS of HOW TO:  Profit from Networking Build a Referal Network Use LinkedIn for Referrals Connect Instead of Sell Buy Without Cash Find the Right Buyer Come and join us for module 3 to a 5 part series for our Help-U-Close Workshop and learn how to earn tens of thousands more in 2015 by using Simple Business Building Techniques, Social Media (FACEBOOK, YouTube, LinkedIn, FACEBOOK Advanced, and SEO – Search Engine Optimization), and ground breaking loan options for you clients for  FREE.  Date:  Tuesday, July 21, 2015 Meet and Greet:  10:00 A.M.  Workshop Start Time:  10:30 A.M. SHARP  Workshop End Time:  11:30 A.M. Place:  333 South Anita Drive, Suite 300, Orange, CA 92868 – Conference Room Parking:  In Parking Structure and Bring Ticket for FREE Validation  What to Bring:  Pen and Paper Breakfast:  Continental Presenter:  Peter A. Campellone and Noah Mandel and Rachel French P.S.  Working a "tough deal" for YOUR buyer, bring in the file and we'll brainstorm a solution?

at Churchill Mortgage
333 S. Anita Drive
Orange, United States

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