Hennessey Venom GT Guinness World Record 0-300kph run – evo Magazine

evo’s Richard Meaden was on hand to witness the impressive World Record 0-300kph (186mph) run in the wild 1244bhp Hennessey Venom GT. Read the latest issue, …
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20 thoughts on “Hennessey Venom GT Guinness World Record 0-300kph run – evo Magazine

  1. Well… When you run out of bullshit, thats usually how it goes. Admitting anything or accepting reality, isnt big in america. Even tho anyone with EYES and google can identify this as a god damn Lotus, you still argue every miniscule detail to death. I dont get it. Its uniquely american.

  2. This car isnt even registered as a Hennessey Venom GT. Its registered, gov. approved, crash and emissions tested and verified as a LOTUS. Whatever you like to add to that, changes very little beyond your own personal god damn opinion. NONE of which qualifies this thing any more as a “production” car in any possible way. This is why they buy second hand AMERICAN Lotuses and modd them. Because in america, you get away with that shit. While here, it wouldnt be legal if they modded a british Lotus.

  3. 1. yup. VIN numbers bro. 3. Just like a lotus exige is 100% British. except for, you know, the toyota engine. also, when/where did hennessey say that? proof please.

  4. 1. Much like a modified Fiat 500 using a Lamborghini engine, a Smart car using a GSRX engine or Extrema that has similar treatment using Corvette engine in a Exige body. :rolleyes: 3. Hennessey posted the claim Venom GT is 100% American here last month (March). From that logic, the chassis/VIN from the second hand Exige is also made in USA, right?

  5. 1. It is technically a production car. 2. the term “supercar” is subjective. 3. henessey never claimed those lotus parts as their own. 4. the ZR1 is an american supercar as well as the SRT viper, but you probably hate those too.

  6. Tuning a british Lotus is all it takes to claim “supercar” and “production car” in america ? Yeah americans have always done exactly that…. Claim other peoples shit for their own. This is the reason why there are rules. Claiming bullshit Nurburgring laps with modded cars, Claiming AC Cobra, Ford GT40 back in the 60s and STILL hasnt built a single supercar on your own. No wonder Lance Armstrong was allowed to go on for so many years in america… Where cheating is ok.

  7. So let me get this straight. you disapprove of this car because it claimed a record by bypassing governmental regulations? no offense, but that’s fucking stupid. also, Americans have always done exactly that. take a brilliant euro car and shove in a huge american power-plant*cough Shelby*. It’s an american tradition that European exceptionalists don’t seem to understand. you have my condolences friend.

  8. Kit-cars and tuneshop jobs. Whats there to explain. Bugatti isnt amazing because of its top speed or power. You can do both those in a tuneshopped Mustang. Its amazing because it does all that while being a government approved production car built to every standard and law in the book. You seem to think supercars all TRY to be faster than a Bugatti and somehow fail to do so. Its a tuned Lotus. Whatever you add to that, wont change the fact. Its a tuned Lotus. Not american and not “production”.

  9. Yeah and therein lies the problem… When they try to claim PRODUCTION car records without building government approved, crashtested and verified production cars. You dont claim production car records with kit-cars or tuneshopped Lotuses. Thats the entire issue here incase you missed it. I wonder why americans cant step up and build the real thing.. I really dont understand why they cant establish their own up-market car industry.

  10. A really hot explosive fire, thick black clouds of smoke, and completely shredded bits and pieces of carbon fiber spread over a quarter mile and yet, from a fine engineering standpoint, I find myself to be fond of the Hennessey Venom GT.

  11. A really hot explosive fire, thick black clouds of smoke and completely shredded bits and pieces of carbon fiber spread over a quarter mile and yet, from a fine engineering standpoint, I find myself to be fond of the Hennessey Venom GT.

  12. the Venom GT has nothing to do with the US car industry, it’s basically a project car. it’s only purpose was to break a record, and it did. that’s all there is to it.

  13. It doesnt matter if american cars all went bankrupt, took more bailout money than the entire country of Greece, and STILL Chrysler was given away to Fiat for free, Alan Mullaly was hired to rescue US Ford from collapse and replaced American Fords with Euro Fords, and GM… GM took their bailout money, abandoned 89 huge plants, bankrupting michigan and moved business to China and Korea. NONE of that matters aslong as you can wave flags over a tuneshopped, chopshopped Lotus?? Well congratulations.

  14. I agree the american car industry is weak at best, but the fact remains that the fastest car you can legally drive on a road is the Venom GT. not as incredible as a koenigsegg or veyron, but still the fastest.

  15. Explain the Corvette Calaway Sledgehammer. Faster than a Buggati Veyron 16.4 and it was made 20+ years ago. And the GT is a production made car by Hennessey which is in land of America. Sure its an upgraded lotus, but did lotus ever get where the Hennessey got? No. Maybe this is the answer to super fast cars. Upgrade an older one…

  16. Why call it anything else than a tuneshopped Lotus. Do you need it to sound better than it is? Doesnt it feel “fair” on america? Should we all agree that its a LITTLE BIT american so it sounds better for you guys? I wonder… What exactly prevents america from stepping the fuck up and BEING competitive instead of constantly claiming to be with ever cheaper trickery and ever worse cars. Get a grip, dude.

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