Here's How Dominant Google Is In Europe

Here's How Dominant Google Is In Europe
Weirdly, the regulators never actually mentioned Google in the resolution, but it's pretty clear from their talk about search dominance which company they were thinking of. It's mainly a political move. The parliament actually has no power to split the …
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Who pays for us to browse the web? Be wary of Google's latest answer
Google has quietly launched a new service, Google Contributor, and it's based on an intriguing proposition: for a small monthly fee, you won't see any ads on the websites of its partners. The fee, naturally, is split between Google and those sites …
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BeatThatQuote's Judo Move: How To Outdo Google
As the European Parliament approves the break-up of Google, and Europe across the board targets US internet firms with regulation, we are failing to think deeply about how Europe (and the rest of the world) can win, not just lose less quickly and not …
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