Hervey Bay One-day Workshops

Hervey Bay One-day Workshops
Event on 2015-06-24 09:00:00
WORKSHOP 1: CASH FLOW & TIME MANAGEMENT Thursday 18th June 2015 – 9am to 3pm Cash Flow is one of the single most limiting factors when it comes to running a small to medium business. The first half of the Cash Flow & Time Management workshop will focus on the key factors involved in ensuring your cash flow is not holding you back from achieving your business goals. Topics that will be covered included: Why businesses fail and how to avoid it yourself Going from survival to success How to improve your Cash flow Time management is essential to getting your foundation right. You must develop your time management skills to create the white space and excess capacity to work on the Business as opposed to working in the Business.   The 8 fundamentals for success How to work smarter, not harder Setting your foundation for Success WORKSHOP 2: CASH FLOW & TIME MANAGEMENT (Part 2) Thursday 20th August 2015 – 9am to 3pm   Topics that will be covered included: How to Set & Achieve Your Financial Goals Learn how to calculate, set and afford your marketing budget How to Achieve your ideal income How to lead and motivate employees How to make more money in less time Creating Leverage & Scalability WORKSHOP 3: ONLINE MARKETING Thursday 19th November 2015 – 9am to 3pm Topics that will be covered included: How to use Facebook to attract customers to your business. The top 3 ways to increase leads to your business from Google 7 essentials to an effective website How to turn your website into your ultimate salesperson How turn website traffic into long term customers How to use landing pages to build your email list How to identify the exact keywords that your customers use to find you How to SEO Optimise Your Website to Easily be found on Google The best mobile app to monitor your website rankings on Google How to Build Your Google Brand Online Fast How to Become the Authority in Your Market How to quickly and easily fix your marketing so you have a steady flow of leads flowing into your business on autopilot Discover the best web and marketing platform that allows you to take full control of your website and your marketing. *All Workshops include comprehensive workbooks filled with the content that will be discussed throughout the workshops.

at Ocean Resort & Spa Hervey Bay
569-571 Charlton Esplanade
Urangan, Australia

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