Hidden Comedy at The Comedy Cove Feb. 27th 8 p.m.

Hidden Comedy at The Comedy Cove Feb. 27th 8 p.m.
Event on 2014-02-27 20:00:00
This right here is the show to go to. I am PRODUCING *all caps* this show and the people that will be performing make you grab an inch above your belly button with both hands and laugh while your head rocks back. Great people make great laughs. Headlining the evening we have the one and only poking bandit, LaTice Klapa. Seen on "Hilarious Housewives" on the View. Also on the show we have the shortest tall person you know, Mahesh Kotagi. Producer of The Comedy Melting Pot in NY. Another person you might know will be on it my name is big because he can't write small AJ DUNK *all caps*. expect other comedians to be there too. For tickets contact the Comedy Cove at +1(973)376-3840 to make reservations and any questions feel free to contact me at any time any way.

Facebook: AJ DUNK *all caps*
twitter: @AJDUNK

at Scotty’s Steakhouse
595 Morris Avenue
Springfield, United States

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