“Hide the Porsches”: Randy Adams on Steve Jobs

Former NeXT engineer recounts adventures With Steve Jobs at NeXT.
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8 Responses to “Hide the Porsches”: Randy Adams on Steve Jobs

  1. Dewan Alam says:

    Watch the steve jobs documentary at insanevideoz.blogspot.com…rest in peace steve! you will forever be remembered by us!

  2. anita khatra says:

    I CAN

  3. sunnyvegas702 says:

    I can’t believe that he used to f*ck with bill gates for sh*ts and giggles, thats hilarious. LOL

  4. lifeisaliewithoutaf says:

    i pooed

  5. Dick Butkus says:

    Steve Jobs can go and die in a hole… oh no wait, he did… anti-competitive cunt.

  6. Pritesh Desai says:

    My tribute to Steve Jobs, I’ve made an online iPod – v=Cd2C77HBPnM

  7. toyzm says:

    “One thing Steve had passion for was perfection” This is what Apple has lost since Jobs passed away. Jobs paid attention to every aspects of Apple products and rejected a feature that doesn’t meet his high standard. Most of CEOs, whose primary goal is making profits, can’t perform like Jobs. Their philosophies are different.

  8. firstclasswag says:

    this was an awesome video

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