Higgs Boson Discovery Explained (due to popular demand)

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17 Responses to Higgs Boson Discovery Explained (due to popular demand)

  1. HolisticDNA Steve Meyer says:

    Higgs Boson / “God Particle” -2012 Science validates a 150+ year old discovery ……….Steve Meyer / New Thought Movement / HolisticDNA

  2. 16kn says:

    god particle is a good name, but not under religious beliefs but by simple the Meaning of the word “God’…and im sorry if u guys do read this comment that i offend you or think of my comment as such.

  3. dirtycrewman says:

    I’m not sure if you’re a college professor or copy-pasted some stuff about quantum mechanics, and I don’t know nearly enough as I would like. However, riddle me this: If the universe was created by some supernatural being, how come we don’t have anything better than a 2000-year old book with stories about people running around in the desert? Somehow the quantum mechanics seem more credible to me…..

  4. freezatron says:

    God is the greatest Bullshit story ever told, we don’t need it, it explains nothing & it just gets in the way. Useful for controlling the religiotarded amongst though, poor saps, Dawkins is right to call it a virus of the mind, there’s some evidence it shrinks parts of your brain.

  5. 1337anonym says:

    Yep, you’re right. But: One can prove with pure logic, that the “why” is and will never be answerable from inside the system. (Because you can always ask it again and get deeper until you’re in a loop or at any point where you cannot get any more answers.) So what if God is outside of the system? Well, then he doesn’t matter to us, because we can’t interact with him. If we could, he’d be inside the system per definition, which leads us to the problem mentioned above.

  6. goodvibrato says:

    Your original comment just rubbed me the wrong way. “Science explains how. Religion explains why. Don’t be ignorant, you can’t compare the two.” I wanted to show we can compare the quality of their answers. Religion may answer “why,” but the answer is different depending on the religion. Science answers “how,” but it answers it for everybody. Science gives a useful answer, whereas religion doesn’t. That was my comparison.

  7. Joshua Boone says:

    I am agnostic, and agree wholeheartedly with you. Don’t see why you were bickering at me, to be honest; I was only responding to a bible-thump-er, and you blindly attacked me with your ‘atheist’ approach. You don’t have to shove your opinion in my face- it makes you look as bad as the bible thumping tyrants out there.

  8. Alex Gilmore says:

    cia shettt lol

  9. Ropepope says:

    I would like to find some more critical points of view regarding the Higgs. I mean I’m alright should it be proved to be found, but as a sociologist I couldn’t ignore the fact that the scientists involved in the product were obsessed on finding it with their careers more or less on stake. And billion dollar investments on particle colliders. I saw an interview with Michio Kaku who mentioned how ‘not finding the Higgs’ wouldn’t be ‘interesting’ but “disastrous!”. But I’ll wait with an open mind!

  10. wyCerBotMyNem says:

    like and fav

  11. NironicGaming says:

    100% easyir way fast takes 2 min done gets 1 million in no time /watch?v=hNSAo2plj34&feature=p­lcp

  12. patwams48 says:

    what makes more sense: 1) a happens, and is explained by b or 2) a happens, and is explained by b and c does or does not affect it c is just another variable that adds nothing, but takes away elegance. c is god. Stop holding on to something that is useless and not true. You don’t need a god to make a universe. So why would u believe in something so far fetched?

  13. 6Mah6raja6 says:

    One more thing he is talkin about super symmetry ….they discovered that it doesn’t exist … (talking about Boson right) :)

  14. chrizzay1 says:

    god doesen’t need to be disproved, “he” is the most illogical concept ever. You need to PROVE his existence, or forever be known as unintelligent for chosing to believe in something that ridiculous

  15. EOATB says:

    There is no reason to argue across the internet, or even engage socially – its the internet there is a large amount of difference between internet interaction and real life socialization – Now go put objects into your mouth and have sexual intercourse with them.

  16. Ullip12 says:

    He said the name was not from the god some believe in. the name has nothing to do with god. that’s what he said.

  17. Ullip12 says:

    yeah but that’s like sigma 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

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