Higher Education in Transition – Full Certificate Programme

Higher Education in Transition – Full Certificate Programme
Event on 2014-10-15 09:00:00
Programme Overview

The introduction of variable tuition fees in 2004, and the cap on fees rising to £9000 after the Brown Review recommendations in 2011, has transformed the higher education landscape in the United Kingdom. The shift of higher education funding away from the state towards individuals students has meant that higher education institutions now have to focus more on Adding value to their services to satisfy the higher expectations of students.

The fact that the global financial crisis has been running simultaneously with the latest changes in tuition has forced higher education institutions to also grapple with the twin demands of improving Business efficiency and increasing Commercialising opportunities.

Efforts by higher education institutions to fulfil the increased expectations of students while adapting to new operating models has been impeded by a failure to incorporate Digital Marketing to communication methods that put an emphasis on new social media platforms.

The Higher Education in Transition programme provides a holistic approach to the challenges and solutions in contemporary higher education by helping participants to learn the new education ABCs by taking part in four professionally taught and interrelated courses:

AgendaAgendaStudent Experience

at University of Salford
Adelphi House
Salford, United Kingdom

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