Hillary Clinton Fireside Chat | Talks at Google

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stops by the Googleplex for a conversation with Eric Schmidt on July 21, 2014. She discusses her book, “Hard C…

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  1. *First woman president of the United Sates?* The more i listen to Hillary talk the more i’m impressed by her ability to convey complex political issue, to be able to see both sides of the coin in international incidents such as the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. I haven’t seen any other candidate on either side of the fence be this level headed ( apart from perhaps Ron Paul ), which can be both good and scary at the same time cause she’s capable of grave manipulation i am sure. *Thoughts?* Here’s a great interview by +Eric Schmidt from her recent trip to the googleplex. 

  2. Hillary Clinton Talk at Google What a Clever Woman… Hillary Clinton Fireside Chat | Talks at Google 35:25 To Small to Fail 36:25 Parents Child’s First Teacher 36:35 Sesame Street 36:40 The Clinton Global Initiative 36:45 Work with companies like Google! 36:50 6 Mill Young unemployed 37:30 187 countries signed 37:50 Get the best Data Possible 38:30 Girls NOT Registered 39:00 Girls victims of Violence 39:30 Cultural Problems in 1st World 40:00 Girls left out of Economy 40:20 Women’s work not Counted 40:30 Put Women in First Economy 40:40 Japanese Prime minister get economy going with women 41:00 Educate Girls 41:25 Google to Analyse 47:00 Eric Schmidt said bugging Angela Merkel phone was pretty stupid 47:20 Hillary – NSA don’t do stupid things 47:50 Hillary apologised to her friend Angela Merkel 49:15 Economic Crisis 49:50 Vote! 50:00 Don’t Vote for Anyone who won’t compromise 50:15 Direct Channel to the “Divine” 51:40 Get to know each other 53:00 Senate Evidence Free Zone 53:30 Trickle Down Economics 53:50 Eric Schmidt said – This Country was built on Immigration 54:00 Climate Change Deniers 55:00 Hate people with different political bias? 55:55 Light Weight Threads 56:20 Question on Increased Productivity 1:00:00 Presidency 1:03:00 First Laddie

  3. *Google and Politics (or vice versa)* Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stops by the Googleplex for a conversation with +Eric Schmidt on July 21, 2014. #googletalk #politics 

  4. That did you pass out thing. Do you need water is a very very common thing that Hilary and Obama say at public speaking events. Either people always pass out at large gatherings, or it is a ploy. 

  5. We don’t need merely another vision for America, we need 100- to 500-year visions of our future. If you don’t vote, the crazies will. Most old people — “greatest generation” (what a laughable moniker) — don’t care about the environment, their grandkids’ future, education, climate change, etc. They just want everything given to them. You find the same kind of thinking among military veterans — “I served three years behind a desk, so for the next 80 years, give me everything for free and have six parades a year “thanking me for my service.” I want Hillary to eventually spell out a clear vision before she starts her campaign, otherwise, it’s just about who has the most money.

  6. If it’s a show, she puts on a good one. If I didn’t know better I would think she was an awesome candidate. At least she is more articulate than the average jackhat in politics. 

  7. Swillary CIintong, the butcher of Benghazi, the assclown shrew of the now demeaned Odumbass. A woman without honor, without integrity or morals or ethics. This barely cognizant liberal/socialist/Nazi is what you fagbaggers want to put up as the next President? Really? Here’s a bold prediction for you liberal Demontard ass hats, she won’t even get the nomination, being severly damaged goods, plus there’s the added benefit of her poll numbers going down the more people see her ugly ass and listen to her stupidity. Democrats, the knuckle dragging low information welfare, foodstamp voter. Down with Democrats, up with the Constitution, Vive La Revolucion.

  8. Mrs Clinton at Google … Learn how she answers to the dispute between synchronous and asynchronous programming! Beside that, a few minutes on politics.

  9. I really hope she runs. I liked many of her policies during her 2008 campaign, she has good experience in the senate and the state department. I like Obama, but he doesn’t have a good relation with congress. Also, as First Lady she worked as an advisor and policy maker. Many people may not like her but they can’t deny that she is more qualified than any possible 2016 candidates. 

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