Hire Profile Thought Leader Series: Content is King!

Hire Profile Thought Leader Series: Content is King!
Event on 2013-11-06 11:30:00
Hire Profile would like to invite you to the final Thought Leader event of 2013!  We will be surveying the attendees for input on topics of interest for 2014.  Our network has put us in touch with the best and brightest in the Atlanta creative community. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary by hosting events to facilitate great discussions through educational and inspirational programs by some of Atlanta's most creative thoughtleaders. Your admission to this event includes a boxed lunch and this time, cake!
Content is King, but Strategy is Queen: How to Score a Royal Flush with Content Marketing

Imagine showing up at a high stakes poker game – without knowledge of the rules of the game. How could you score a winning hand if you didn’t know what winning looked like? So it is with the game of content marketing. Without a decisive strategy, your content marketing efforts could fold – and cost you your seat at the table.

The Content Marketing Institute's 2014 Benchmark Report found that 84% of marketers who say they are ineffective at content marketing admit that they lack a strategy. So why are so many marketers playing the game without a strategy for winning? Find out what obstacles marketing departments face when creating a strategy and why many B2B marketers are dealt a hand that won't beat the odds.

Join us as we provide insight into best-in-class strategies as well as practical, how-to tips and innovative technologies so you can bring home the pot with your content marketing efforts. Is this right for you?
This program is for agency leaders, Account & Brand Managers, Marketing Directors, business owners and others who lead content marketing initiatives as part of their current role, provide social media and content marketing to their clients, or are considering adding this service. Our Speaker

Shannon Rentner, Fractional CMO & Content Marketing Strategist, Trainer and Speaker.

Attract, Engage, Convert: When it comes down to it, digital marketing builds relationships. Shannon's mission is to help organizations engage with prospects and customers throughout the entire buying journey. Strategic Content Marketing does just that by converting an organization's extensive knowledge, experience and distinctive voice into online clout and influence. 

With more than 20 years of marketing, creating, managing and teaching content, Shannon's experience includes building marketing strategies for B2B technology companies across multiple industries. Shannon brings the strategic vision that companies need to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 



Bring the whole team!

at ROAM – Dunwoody Suite 800 (2nd Floor)
1155 Mount Vernon Highway
Atlanta, United States

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