History of Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence? Listen to a brief history of BI, where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we are going. Learn more here blogs.msdn.com
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9 Responses to History of Business Intelligence

  1. wowmsft says:

    original Caddy Shack = great. Caddy Shack 2 = not so great.

  2. wowmsft says:

    Thanks for checking it out

  3. wowmsft says:

    Good point! Thanks for watching.

  4. chrizbiz says:

    Gave me a laugh. Concise, visual, down-to-earth. But: Business intelligence is for decision-makers, and you fail to define a decision-maker. Is it “one who makes decisions”? Then how do you become a better decision-maker? Decision-making is based on awareness. Limited awareness limits success, limited awareness makes mistakes. THE CRITICAL FACTOR is not BI, it is the observer’s level of alertness, how integrated the nervous system is. Total integration = total awareness.

  5. cubesd1 says:

    Very well made. Great presentation.

  6. oberoi2k3 says:

    Can I use a portion of your video in my PPT?

  7. ihventura says:

    WAIT HOLD ON HERE! you’re telling us Caddy Shack was a movie we could do without? Big red flag dude.

  8. asia190385 says:

    are really reports only one-dimensional?

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