H&M Magazine in Central Park – H&M Life Video

H&M Magazine Autumn 2012 is soon hitting the stores and we went to New York to shoot some of the fashion stories. Here’s a look at what went down when Julia and Kendra modelled the best looks of the season in Central Park.
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15 thoughts on “H&M Magazine in Central Park – H&M Life Video

  1. No Models dont get paid big supermodels do. Tyra, Giselle, Kate, those models get paid big money. Regular models get paid pretty close to everyone else. I would know I am one. And we have to pay independent contracting taxes so we end up paying alot of what we get payed back at the end of a tax season. So go ahead and think “Oh models have glamorous lives and shouldnt complain about anything.” but you are wrong

  2. Doesn’t matter, because they make so much money. Millions of people all over the world work their asses off every day in various unpleasent weathers (for example fishermans in cold, harvesters of rice in hot – I know examples are stupid, first thing that came to my mind) and can barely afford food – and starve pretty much more than theese girls. So theese models don’t deserve compassion just because they wear bikinis in winter (porobably indoor because they have greenscreens).

  3. Hmmm, would love to see the trends in the Man Collection. They ever do only 1-2 Pieces for Men and a Huge Collection for Women. It’s a little bit sad.. I have to buy my Ethnic Clothes in the Women Category.

  4. It’s really hard to be a model. Imagine that they have to shoot a summer collection (in bikinis and everything short and light) when it’s winter and now when it’s too hot and you can barely breath they have to wear pants,jackets,sweaters.. O God!

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