HMS Infotech P Ltd releases Hotelinkers, a unified distribution system

London (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Hotelinkers is a distribution system released by HMS Infotech P Ltd. The release was recently announced in the WTM, London. It is built on top of the Hotelogix PMS, it can also be extended to use in depth PMS functionality, thereby making the distribution even more seamless and real time. With Hotelinkers, hotels can now unify distributing rates to corporate customers, travel agents and VIP guests thus aiming to cover its entire offline/online sales/distribution in its ambit.This could significantly help hospitality business manage their rates, availabilities and bookings from a single point dashboard. It could offer complete PMS capability to make the distribution absolutely real time.

With Hotelinkers, cloud based solution for hospitality business any big or small properties can efficiently maximize the revenues. With the accelerating opportunities of sales and distribution it has become extremely complex to avail the potentials available in the market.

Aditya Sanghi, CEO, Hotelogix says, Hotelinkers, a Real Time Distribution is a service that is aimed at removing all such complexities of distribution through its truly centralized approach. One can showcase rooms without blocking them. Enjoy dynamic room allotments, which will automatically top-up your rooms to sell on distribution channels, as long as you have rooms to sell at your Hotel.

With the cutting edge technology built in Hotelinkers, hospitality business big or small can now maximize their ability to efficiently manage their distribution and reach out the available market place.


Hotelinkers is built on top of Hotelogix PMS and offers a unified distribution system. Hospitality business big or small can now use Hotelinkers to maximize their marketing potential to sell their rooms and increase their booking revenues. It lets you work with third party booking channels & mediums in real-time for your room sales.

Get aligned to compete in the Global Marketplace with Hotelinkers, your link to every known medium of room sales that will let you showcase your rooms without blocking a single room night. It is time to bid farewell to the daily juggle of room available, and the taxing struggle to keep your rate levels optimized and uniform on all channels.

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Hotelogix is developed by HMS Infotech P Ltd and is focused on developing innovative solutions for the hospitality and travel sector. Hotelogix today is active over 40 countries like USA, Africa, China, India, Peru; etc. It has Channel Partners in India, Philippines, Thailand, Caribbean Islands, Mexico and UK and is expanding in more geographical strata, rapidly. Hotelogix offers a 24×7 live support to its customers and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services.

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