Holistic Learning Center Announces Their Self Mastery Textbook Which Transcends Philosophical and Religious Boundaries

(PRWEB) May 25, 2013

Professional Life Coaching school Holistic Learning Center has launched an Abundance Exchange Program known as the Inner-net of One to license students, clients, independent life coaches and all interested parties to distribute its HuMethod Self-mastery products this month for 48 hours at no cost in exchange for helping them educate as many people as possible how they can co-create a global transformation in consciousness using its Save the.Humans e-book.

The Save theHumans e-book was written to explain why we need a critical mass of souls who understand that we are all One in spirit to peacefully manifest a global transformation in consciousness.

The life coaching and Self-mastery products are available on Holistic Learning Centers website between midnight on May 31st through midnight June 2nd to download at no cost.

The self help products are in exchange for forwarding the Save theHumans e-book to as many people as possible and liking Holistic Learning Centers Facebook Fan Page. Stay tuned for this months product titled The Disciplinas.

Life coaches, healers, self-help enthusiasts and members of holistic organizations are welcome to freely distribute Holistic Learning Centers clinically proven self-mastery products via its Abundance Exchange Inner-net of One program.

These empowering life coaching and Self-mastery products, valued at up to thirty five dollars, can be used to help independent life coaches quickly build a large base of potential life coaching prospects when sent to their entire email list and Facebook friends who in turn forward the self-mastery products to all of their holistic friends each and every month.

The products are also useful for educating friends and family members on how to help improve their adult life skills techniques and live a more empowered life in the same way Holistic Learning Center educates its students to Life Coach and their clients to heal.

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