Home- Philip Philips and His Girlfriend

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18 thoughts on “Home- Philip Philips and His Girlfriend

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  2. They are going to make some cute babies! And I can just tell that she has a good heart, which I am happy to see, and so does he!  It’s a perfect match from heaven!

  3. Absolutely!! 🙂 And they met when Phillip was just 17 working at a shelter.. How many kids do that these days? Being as humble as they are, I think it’s a love that will stand the test of fame!!

  4. There has to be somewhere? It was on the American Idol website for awhile. Interviews were flooding the inter net and magazines so fast I don’t know where they all are?? Their a match made in heaven! They met at age 17 both volunteering at a homeless shelter. Not many teenagers do that, their both great down to earth people and come from giving families! He did get her on the tour as much as she could be there too! 🙂

  5. Why would any young fans think he didn’t have a girlfriend? The hot ones who don’t have a girlfriend are gay … and Phillip Phillips is DEFINITELY not gay! Everyone needs a warm place to lay your head … thank God he has one of those!

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