Home Security Companies Ranked: Who’s On Top & Why

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 10, 2012

HomeSecuritySystems HQ, one of the nation’s leading home security reviewers online, has ranked FrontPoint Security ahead of all other companies in the industry, including ADT and Protect America.

FrontPoint Security in recent times has been able to garner for itself a tremendous reputation. In addition to absolutely fantastic customer feedback across the internet, this security company has been awarded multiple times for exceptional customer service (dubbed by experts as their WOW service). Here below is an overview of the features FrontPoint Security offers:


Customers get 30 days to try out the system. They can return it within 30 days for whatever reason and obtain a full refund.

This is an area where most companies have lacked. ADT, for instance, have many hidden clauses in their terms and conditions – customers cannot cancel their home monitoring agreements even in the event that they move houses. They cannot take the system with them since its wired into the ground, and they end up paying for the entire length of the 3 year term because they signed a contract and were legally bound to do so.

The guys at FrontPoint on the other hand are totally open and honest with their long-term agreements and even give customers a 30 day risk free trial as mentioned above. This means customers get a 30 day cool off period to decide whether they actually want to keep the system or not.


Another great thing about FrontPoint Security is that they use wireless equipment by GE Security. That means no underground wiring and no wall drilling. It also means that customers can take the entire home security system with them anywhere in the country and keep themselves protected with their existing monitoring plan.


Customers can check on the security of their homes while they are at work or from any remote corner of the country. With the FrontPoint remote access and control feature they can login to their control panel and check their alarm history, visitor history and much more. And if a sensor is triggered, they will receive an instant notification. Its like being at home without being there and it works whether they are round the corner or across the globe. All they need is internet access.


Customers never need to miss an alert again thanks to FrontPoints instant alert technology. They are immediately notified the moment movement is detected in or around the home.

FrontPoint alerts customers to not only intruders but also environmental threats such as flood or fire. If a customer forgets to lock up when leaving the house, theyll get an instant alert sent to their mobile phone.


Its not often a person gets something for nothing that could save his or her life. FrontPoint offers environmental monitoring free of charge, and that includes smoke/fire detection, carbon monoxide, extreme temperatures and flooding.


Homeowners shouldn’t compromise when it comes to securing their homes. This is one area that deserves their complete attention and a system that does it all. FrontPoints home security systems need to be experienced to be believed. Robust systems backed by the latest technology ensure 24 hours protection a day.

Interested parties or individuals should call FrontPoint at (866) 363 2035 for further information or get a fast and free quote from them online today here. For a more in-depth review, please visit HomeSecuritySystems HQ.

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