Home Storage IRAs: Risky New Trend May Leave Retirees Liable

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With mixed signals continuing on the economy, Americans saving for retirement are becoming increasingly anxious. Will they be able to retire when they had hoped? Will their savings support them, even through inevitable setbacks?

In response, many are investigating IRA investment options that offer greater protection from precarious markets, including safe haven assets gold and silver. But unlike with traditional stock market investing, which treats gold as a virtual commodity represented by paper in the form of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and gold certificates, people looking to invest in precious metals in their IRAs typically want coins and bullion, known as physical gold.

Unfortunately the advice theyre being given by certain IRA providers focused more on quick sales than their customers well-being, amounts to financial malpractice, says one Los Angeles-area Gold IRA provider.

Ive seen whats happening and decided I had to speak out, says Trevor Gerszt, investment specialist and CEO of Goldco Precious Metals.

Ive cautioned people in the past about so-called home storage IRAs, he says. Unscrupulous providers tell consumers the law allows them to store gold and silver held in their IRAs at home, when its clear the IRS codes forbid that.

Now, says Gerszt, these same fast-buck Gold IRA providers are deliberately fueling consumer anxiety by telling them these legally precarious home storage IRAs are the only way to get the protection of physical gold. Theyre telling vulnerable, worried people the only way they can have actual coins and bullion, time-tested hedges against a volatile stock market, is to risk IRS penalties by keeping it at home.

Simple research performed using Google AdWords shows that as of June 24th 2015, the number of searches for the terms “Home Storage IRA, Self Storage Gold IRA & Chekbook IRA” have all exploded by more than 45% showing interest in these options are rising.

Such providers exploit consumer confusion between traditional IRAs, which generally only offer precious metals via gold certificates held in ETFs; and Gold IRAs, which do allow account holders to invest in physical gold coins and bullion.

When youre stressed and worrying about your future, its easy for opportunists to exploit any knowledge gaps, says Gerszt. You can tell an ethical provider by their willingness to educate and empower clients. When someone calls us the first thing we do is help them assess how precious metals fit into their personal retirement plan, and then we lay out several options for them to invest in physical gold and silver. Gerszt cautions against providers who exploit consumer anxiety. If you offer a real solution you should be able to allay peoples fears, not increase them.

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