Home Sweet Studio

Home Sweet Studio

Image by geishaboy500
The AppleTree

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10 Responses to Home Sweet Studio

  1. Ando : @_AndoPerez says:

    How many Maccy powery book thingies does a boy need? You haven’t got a dual G5 tower hidden under there anywhere as well have you? Nice studio. Love the chair!

  2. geishaboy500 says:

    I wish I did have a Quad G5 and 2 x 30" cinema displays but you know I am one lucky bunny already. Still want to get a new Nikon D200 though !!

  3. shaderlab says:

    who makes your desk?

  4. Ramonah says:

    gear envy … but the table is also nice! what kind of wood / material is this?

  5. partpics says:

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  6. Jennifer.LaPier says:

    wow, what a beautiful desk! Is that zebra wood?

  7. telephoto46 says:

    very good!

  8. Lighting Workshop says:

    Nice setup (including the chair –eames?)

  9. matthias.thorsen says:

    The chair ist an "Soft Pad EA 217" (Design: Charles & Ray Eames) from vitra. The right chair for the Mac Users!

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