Homemade Robots

On this edition of Robot News, we look at a couple of homemade robots that can do such amazing things as pet your cat and retract into a ball. SkyNet remains a possibility! For more from Robot News, go here: www.g4tv.com

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24 Responses to Homemade Robots

  1. harold mitchell says:

    love homemade robots.  check out my homemade listerine bottle robot its on youtube. just type in listerine bottle robot

  2. Ronan Killough says:

    Sooo… it’s a pokemon

  3. fredozee says:

    this is so real steel

  4. Cory Janca says:

    Now we just need to creat eOptimus prime. SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE ROBOCOP

  5. Tyler Bode says:

    Can the NAO play videogames

  6. LAMProductions99 says:

    @tmoney9961 The thing is that Autobots and Decepticons were aliens. We didn’t build them.

  7. mw2isepic1 says:

    The The nano robot cost 16999 usd….Thats ALOT OF MONEY!!

  8. thesope180 says:

    What if mom is a robot? What if Uncle Sherm is a robot?

  9. yommamas says:

    This won’t help us until 2023

  10. TMoney9961 says:

    That could be awesome, or horrible. Autobots would be awesome, they could help out in many ways. But Decepticons would be a terrible thing.

  11. Rocky13Ray says:

    When is the terminator coming?

  12. beepsbobby1 says:


  13. mychannelvic says:


  14. MRTMS42 says:

    They should have left the globe on it… Would’ve made for some good practical jokes

  15. Spongar141 says:

    Go xbox where IS playstation move now

  16. GetDatMoney321 says:

    whats skynet ever1 always talks about it

  17. DOC0OC says:

    I want a female Robot so she will make me cookies all day.

  18. SeaShellNecklaceBrah says:

    Yeah, but can I put my dick in Morfex? Because people only want robots so they can put their dick in them.

  19. MultiMikey300 says:

    WE ARE THE Resistance!!

  20. RedNYello505 says:

    Forever alone

  21. christon0123 says:

    a portal turret would be awesome!

  22. DSkehan2004 says:

    that’s very cool!

  23. DSkehan2004 says:

    that’s amazing

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