Honda Amaze Diesel test drive review in India

Honda Amaze Diesel test drive review in India

Bunny Punia drives and reviews the new Honda Amaze Diesel in Goa to see if the Maruti Dzire finally has a serious rival or not. UPDATED: Amaze launched at Rs…

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24 Responses to Honda Amaze Diesel test drive review in India

  1. Aalok Doot Das says:

    this is the most lame review I ever saw ……….

  2. Krishnanand Bhat says:

    why is that man driving the car in such a carefree(careless) manner. someone teach him lane sense please.

  3. gaadireviews says:

    UPDATED ON 11TH APRIL: Honda has launched the Amaze starting at Rs 4.99 lac for petrol and Rs 5.99 lac for diesel. Diesel to diesel, (base to base model), same price as Dzire but it has more power, better performance, better economy, more space etc – a definate WINNER!

  4. vipin365 says:

    This car is a good package for entry level sedan segment. I find it better than Dzire & Etios because of its all rounded nature. I am sure this car will be Honda’s best seller. It is built to a cost but cost cutting is unlike its competitors, I am happy for C1 segment after this addition, till now we had Dzire, Etios, Verito and decades old Accent in this segment. Good job Bunny & Tavleen. I liked your review. Tavleen you have a nice voice..keep it up!

  5. bunnyp1983 says:

    Spot on Kavinder, thanks :)

  6. bunnyp1983 says:

    Sudhir, prices will be annouced on the 11th April 

  7. Tanay Goenka says:

    storage compartment seems to be very small, not cooled like etios. boot space is only 400 ltrs compared to 595 ltrs of etios , steering wheel height cannot be adjusted , seat height adjustment is only upto 50 mm, lever cannot be operated with the door shut. a lot of engine noise evident turbo – lag till about 1500 rpm , headrest points upfront passengers, a a major problem. 14 inch wheel ?? why ?

  8. Tanay Goenka says:

    sub 4m car not a true sedan , mariginally longer wheelbase compared to brio , the music system is very basic sound quality is average ,there is no climate control,not even in the topend variant , seat headrest are integrated front dashboard is also very basic , ac knobs are obsolete design , lacks character,

  9. Jerone Vinox says:

    I’m having a honda Brio. Giving more leg room alone to the back seat passenger will not help him to relax or make him comfortable. He also need a proper Head rest to relax. Without Head rest for the back seat passenger there is no way to make the back seat passenger comfortable. So the Honda Brio and Amaze back seats can be used by passengers who are only upto 5 feet 2 inches tall. People who are taller than that will get severe neck pain.

  10. Sudhir Agrawal says:

    what is price. 

  11. Pramodh Pathapalli says:


  12. kavinder negi says:

    I think (lady’s) voice is OK. Surely not deserving of so much of bashing. Come on guys we all have distinct touch in our voice.

  13. inga ratautiene says:

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  14. Targetit1 says:

    Ms. Mehendiratta , you must understand that this is India, people don’t understand BBC English, which you speak, please speak in Angrezi/ Hinglish and not English… as one is not qualified as you are. Any way I like the VO… is good job done. Keep it up.

  15. Tavleen Mehendiratta says:

    Imagine tom you tell me you don’t like my voice, will I have to loose my voice-box Sir?

  16. Ankit Wasnik says:

    Lose the accent .. its not good !!

  17. Debajit B says:

    Glad you appreciate. Moreover its encouraging to hv women auto enthusiasts. All d best

  18. Tavleen Mehendiratta says:

    Sure. I’ll have to agree with you. Critics help the performers grow.

  19. Pankaj Vashist says:

    no i don’t have the same thinking on this. Ground of new honda cars is good enough even on hills, cabin space is enough as compared to size of the car. These cars look smaller but are enough spacious. And don’t know much about the waiting period but they are trying to sell it at min waiting. Lets see what they are up to..cheers :)

  20. Debajit B says:

    Ms Mehandiratta with all due respect you should take the comments on like a sport. You are going public with the voice over and if there is a problem people WILL point it out. Think about it, have u heard any such comment about Renuka Kriplani of Autocar India or Siddharth V. Patankar of NDTV. Be a sport and improve ur shortcomings. If u can’t you shouldnt be here in the first place. Cheers

  21. Tavleen Mehendiratta says:

    It is a car review, not a lady’s show. Restrict your comments to the car not personal attack on human beings.

  22. Tavleen Mehendiratta says:

    Focus on the car, forget the woman.

  23. Tavleen Mehendiratta says:

    Oh was I non-enthusiastic? Yeah I wanted to keep Amaze in limelight…i don’t like it too much on myself like just now.

  24. Tavleen Mehendiratta says:

    Going back to drawing board… or paper.. okay lets be precise they went to Catia/ProE and did the FEA on Ansys…how about that! And thanks for the lovely comment on my voice n my script.

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