14 Replies to “Honda’s Asimo robot gets faster and smarter in human makeover”

  1. So what is your solution to this issue? Every time a technology is developed, humans lose their jobs forever. For example, as soon as our speech to text and text-to-speech technology reaches acceptable levels (IPHONE uses Siri), we can do all sorts of things with it. Human translators will lose their jobs, replaced by cheap software. Translator jobs will be gone forever. As you keep crunching away jobs like this, what is your solution to keep humans employed? There will not be enough jobs.

  2. Robots and the continuation of technology down this path, will lead to mass unemployment and unsustainable economies. Companies will continue to fire humans and replace them with automated machines and eventually robots…. you don’t need 1 technician for every robot. 1 Tech can rule over a whole section and troubleshoot everything. There will not be enough jobs for humans, as companies seek to lower costs. (we already did that to the car industry with robot arm assembly lines)

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