Hookahnection Announces New Tools Available for Hookah Lounges in Need of Recognition

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

Hookahnection, a leading provider of hookah reviews, shisha reviews and information about hookah accessories, has today announced the deployment of new options for hookah lounges in need of better recognition. In addition to the high quality tobacco reviews and information about hookah smoking the site provides, Hookahnection now reviews hookah lounges as well.

The tremendous increase in popularity hookah tobacco smoking has experienced has given birth to a host of new hookah lounges across the country. However, that very proliferation has made it difficult for hookah lounges to stand out from the crowd. With so many options, smokers are often of the mind that one lounge is as good as another.

Hookahnections hookah lounge reviews provide in-depth, accurate information about the best lounges available. In addition, the sites focus is not relegated to a single state or geographic region they review lounges anywhere. For hookah lounges interested in ramping up their business, a review with pictures of the lounge at Hookahnection provides immense benefits.

In addition to providing hookah shisha smokers searching for quality lounges with access to vital information, the site also benefits lounge operators. Hookahnection is the top-ranked site online (page 1 SERPs) for everyones hookah needs, and that positioning ensures maximum visibility to hookah lounge reviews, boosting foot traffic to those lounges reviewed here. Lounges only need to contact the site to set up a review of their facilities.

Of course, Hookahnection also offers other draws for searchers, including some of the most in-depth shisha reviews in the industry. Not only that, but Hookahnection also provides smokers with a wealth of information about smoking hookah, safety and etiquette as well.

To find out more about Hookahnection, read hookah reviews or learn about hookah accessories and become part of this growing community, visit http://www.Hookahnection.com.

About Hookahnection: Hookahnection was founded to provide the growing number of smokers and enthusiasts with access to high-quality hookah reviews, as well as information on hookah accessories, lounge and bar reviews and more. The site is a one-stop provider of all things hookah related, and is dedicated to building a real community within this niche by bringing together a team of professional reviewers.

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