Hooters Dream Girl_ Janet – Bing Videos.flv

Hooters Dream Girl_ Janet - Bing Videos.flv

Janet Layug from Lakeland, Florida is competing for Hooters 2011 Best Damn Dream Girl.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Hooters Dream Girl_ Janet – Bing Videos.flv

  1. pekinobo says:

    Great to know someone else who likes abs on women ;P

  2. ArmandoBellagio says:

    It’s amazing. I especially like her abs 😉

  3. pekinobo says:

    Filipino and Polish

  4. TheTrevahn95 says:

    Really. A bunch idiots are complaining about a gap? The girl has sexy dimples, banging body, and she’s tall. What a bunch of losers

  5. Barney Katona says:

    my dick just exploded

  6. ArmandoBellagio says:

    She got a great body. What origin/mixture is she ?

  7. BarleydawgReviews says:

    I bet you do get along with guys VERY well

  8. notintoit says:

    HAHA thats what i was thinking bro

  9. jason gould says:

    Yes, your smile, of course it’s your smile.

  10. ashothunder211 says:

    TNA brooke hotter.

  11. L34dF4rm3r says:

    thats my girl friend and we bang a lot

  12. ibanezjem1987 says:

    oh hell

  13. ibanezjem1987 says:

    she is so damn hot

  14. Adam Goldman says:

    these women are great, they look good. smart too. 

  15. alex olsson says:

    i bet she is from sweden!

  16. roostrand16001 says:

    did she blow?

  17. Adam Bertlin says:

    Miranda Kerr

  18. yoschoismify says:

    fix the gap in between your teeth and you win

  19. Chas2012100 says:

    so sexy and beautiful…you got my vote darlin:)~<3

  20. Val Kukatov says:

    Smile? Please, that shit sux. Now the body is nice. Tits may be a bit too fake.

  21. InProBozZ says:

    my english is bad… she wants to win the blow competition?…

  22. Whoops62 says:

    Wow just wow

  23. valleyboy314 says:

    Wow ! Those Hooters don’t get any more plastic than that. Hope you didn’t pay to much for the fun bags. Hot chic. Bad surgeon.

  24. jhuss87 says:

    She made 1st runner up at Hoots Intl. I think they forgot to do there homework however, I read online chic got arrested on 2 counts of Battery and Domestic Violence just last year =/ Way to go Hooters, pick a crazy chick lol. It’s 2011, we can find out anything if we just google it

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