Horror Games – Amnesia the Dark Descent gameplay – Amnesia Custom map: “The Attic” Part 3 “MAMMA!!!”

Read the DESCRIPTION please :3 Morfar picks up his brave spirit and steps into the land of custom maps of Amnesia. My twitter: twitter.com FOLLOW! My facebook: www.facebook.com HIT LIKE! Our Website: www.nordrassilradio.com AND PLEASE GOD HELP US OUT! read below ————————————————————————– We have a solid VIP system so people that donate can be in future livestreams and YT videos. This is what the VIP membership gives you: www.nordrassilradio.com To Donate: www.nordrassilradio.com ————————————————————————– Our Website: www.nordrassilradio.com Make sure to HIT LIKE: www.facebook.com Intro made by youtube user WeirdGuyWG

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24 Responses to Horror Games – Amnesia the Dark Descent gameplay – Amnesia Custom map: “The Attic” Part 3 “MAMMA!!!”

  1. LellVeck01 says:

    The new monster is called justine

  2. meishalaurafionax says:

    4:14 *gets beaten up*

  3. skillen95 says:

    *Clicks Video*- “OK I’M FUCKED.” - XD

  4. Phenonite says:

    Did you ever play part 2 :o?

  5. isydor97 says:

    only chapter one :-/

  6. tAtiLoVeX says:

    wow i guess you are very scary that you got scared of youself ahah

  7. skully654321 says:

    So Derrek’s mother got killed by his father because she got too invloved in his research right? Confused :S

  8. skully654321 says:

    0:31 Dat face :3 LOVE YOU MORFAR!

  9. scare4halo says:

    i found zombie escape scaryer i think 😛

  10. Krisztina Simon says:

    I was laughingso hard, (he said something funny as always), and then I started to scream because I saw my own face on the monitor… fück you Amnesia. 😀

  11. rankore says:

    Svära på svensk!

  12. treeick says:

    if they were hot chicks i would totally skull fuck em lmao jk but tht was funny

  13. CODELITE88 says:

    if they were fucking hot chicks and they were alive in that pile then HELL YEAH lets fuck them

  14. EpicTammyKitty says:

    dont look at the zombie dudeee ! 😛

  15. 02shannon says:


  16. Annie Vee says:

    the oil…is the…essence of life…..

  17. DarkHowlerz says:

    Ahh.. the beginning of the video..

  18. lelouchvbritana says:

    00:39 SEX Orgy

  19. MatiasSAX97 says:

    Poker face morfar at the start 😀

  20. brelonful says:

    great idea bro!!!! 😀

  21. Neverx4getxtruexlove says:

    Holy Fuck! Holy Fuuuuuck!! Is this one scarier then “Zombie Escape” Morfar?(:

  22. Lean Quizine says:

    In Flames - The Attic (End Song) awesome!

  23. Bryce Kober says:

    @emmcody something about bodily horror translating better to the viewers on an exposed subject, showing our frailty and the nudity of our fears…plus bare human flesh has immense grotesque potential

  24. emmcody says:

    Why are these dudes always naked?

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