Seo Launches Its Affiliate Program

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (PRWEB) November 15, 2013

One of the most popular divisions of T35 Hosting, (, has launched an affiliate with an impressive earning potential. Webmasters interested in the affiliate program will be happy to learn that the program spans across all T35 Hosting brands.

To be more precise, as affiliates, customers will be able to provide their own clients with unique C-Class IPs, 5 IPs for each class. As far as the reliability of the hosting services is concerned, there is no compromise as the hosting is done on 8-core, 12 GB RAM servers. is among the few trusted hosting service providers that can guarantee 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support all year long. The standard HostSEO package includes unique c-classs, easy to use IP Manager, private name server support, instant backups, CRON job support, various advanced stats and logs as well as a $ 325+ in bonus offer.

With one affiliate account, customers can earn commission for recruiting clients for, T35 Hosting, and UAH. The tracking is done via a single link, which will track all sales and clicks in real time from the login panel. Webmasters will receive a 20% recurring commission on all orders placed, earnings they can utilize for any of the hosting accounts they have with HostSEO and partners. Alternatively, they can cash out the commission at any time.

Current customers of who want to take advantage of the newly launched program can do so by logging in their billing panel and activating the affiliate services. Once the service has been activated, they will be provided with a unique link to help them promote their hosting services. Banners or other promotional materials that webmasters might consider useful can be found on the companys website.

The New Jersey based hosting service has joint efforts with T35 Hosting in 2009 for the purpose of providing top notch hosting services for all SEO-minded webmasters. The company currently oversees a combined total of over 2 million customers who can easily increase their search engine rankings by hosting various properties on quality C-Class IPs. Because is part of the T35 Hosting network, they can afford to provide premium hosting services at highly affordable prices. Contact them today for more details on their SEO hosting affiliate program.

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