Hot temper leads to Queens death – New York Post

Hot temper leads to Queens death - New York Post

Vandal dies after picking fight with gas attendant in Long Island City. The Post Got It Covered: Twitter: Facebook: RSS: iGoogle Gadget:

16 thoughts on “Hot temper leads to Queens death – New York Post

  1. Lots of places have strong arm robbery and mugging. Unless there is gunfire the cops have no interest in showing up and even then they won’t show up for a good thirty minutes at the very least – if someone calls them. John, it is a totally different place than what you are used to. In this country, you are really on your own. The cops write a report after all the main particulars are over.

  2. he was murdered. How fuckin slow are you that you can’t figure something simple like that. It doesnt’ matter if he had criminal records and if you bring that up in court thats called double jeopardy. The middle eastern is cowardly bitch who should fight someone at his level but he doesn’t a reason he is still working at a gas station because he sucks at fighting. To me he is just a little bitch trying to act tough but just a weak ass bitch

  3. Once dude ran away he was not a threat anymore. The Indian guy should of went back in the strore. He was wrong. Granted, dude needed his ass kicked. But he did that and should of left it there…

  4. to put it this way we are in the year 2012 not 1516 , the Indian guy should have called the police and let them do their job no matter how long it takes for them to arrive , even if something gets broken there are insurances for such cases. he is not god or a judge , a police man and a prosecutor in one person to decide how to treat the victim .

  5. there is no space to argue about this . this was a manslaughter , he killed the guy and he knew how devastating his martial art can be , the guy ran away , the hooligan or employee after him he clearly killed him with intention , sorry but i am doing MA for 17 years ( with time outs ) and everyone who is fit knows what he can do , so there no excuse , he has to be punished with at least a lifetime , i am no friend of the death penalty.

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