Hotel Owner Established SEO Website To Help Other Entrepreneurs Attain Success

Singapore (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

One of the top home hotel property owners in Singapore recently added website designer to her list of accomplishments. Known to local business leaders as Ada, this successful property owner has just founded SNS InfoTech Pte Ltd., a company that offers website design, SEO, SEM, Email marketing and social media management services. Along with the new company, Ada has introduced her new website,, that offers clients access to premium SEO and other marketing services.

Ada is no stranger to success. She and her husband have managed hotel properties for many years and are the largest home hotel business owners in Singapore. During her work as a property owner, Ada often noticed that property agents were marketing through websites and other online tools at the expense of more traditional methods like flyers and cold calls. Hoping to learn more, Ada enrolled in a web design course and was introduced to the power of websites as a marketing tool. It was during this course that she was also exposed to email marketing, SEO and SEM. She found that SEO was perhaps the most valuable marketing tool for Singapore property owners, because that nation has the most competitive property market in the world.

After learning all that she could, Ada decided to venture out and start her SEO and social media firm to introduce local companies the SEO and help them become more competitive and more successful. As far as the career change, Ada is quick to say, Im really happy with it. I look at it and go, wow, why didnt I do this six years ago?

SNS InfoTech Pte Ltd. offers premium SEO services to any local company. Since Singapore is a small country, the SEO and Email marketing services sector is very competitive. Many companies fight for the same SEO keywords and results, but Ada takes a different approach at her firm. We dont go fighting the keywords in the search engine so we can put all the efforts to our clients website. We are not freelancers. We are the in-house SEO team, Mrs. Ada said.

As the in-house SEO team, the company creates monthly ranking reports, traffic reports, and provides the monthly SEO plan and suggestion to clients. The services offer more than SEO, they offer a marketing strategy to improve a companys sales. This approach puts SNS InfoTech Pte Ltd. at a competitive advantage over other similar firms. Many SEO companies dont provide the guaranteed SEO results, Mrs. Ada said. They are just selling the back links. SNS InfoTech Pte Ltd. is the first company that provides the SEO results to local SMEs.

Ada is using her many years as a local business owner to leverage her new business to the many contacts she has made over the years. With her marketing experience and entrepreneurial drive, most are expecting SNS InfoTech Pte Ltd. to be a major success.

More information is available at or by contacting the firm using the embedded form on the websites Contact Us page.

About SNS InfoTech Pte Ltd.

SNS InfoTech Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that provides the SEO, SEM, Email marketing, and Social Media Management services to local businesses. The company is also known for offering clients a one-stop-shop online marketing strategy.

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